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Dear Vancouver, I am sorry.

June 20, 2011

Dear City of Vancouver and all its residents,

Yes, this is me in the picture above.
Yes, this is me in the 1:30-1:33 mark of this youtube video.

I am not proud of my actions and have made a visit to the Vancouver Police Department, over the weekend to turn myself in.  This blog will serve as a public apology to those that I have offended with my actions, to clarify certain issues, and to address a few peripheral issues that I take as a concern.

My Apologies

I apologize to the City of Vancouver for participating in this riot.
I apologize to the residents of Vancouver for having to deal with the consequences of the event.
I apologize to my friends and family that have been affected by my actions.
I apologize to the Canucks for reacting in a way that is unsportsmanlike.

I apologize to Black & Lee, its employees, and all the customers who have been affected by my actions.

I apologize to Burrard Acura, my managers, my coworkers and its customers.  In no way, shape or form does Burrard Acura condone this type of violence or misconduct.  It is not necessary to associate my actions with the good reputation of Burrard Acura.

I apologize to Enspire Foundation, its’ volunteers, sponsors and supporters. Enspire Foundation is a reputable non-profit organization that does not condone violence or misconduct behaviour in any way, shape or form. To additionally make things clear, I have not been active with Enspire for quite some time now, so there is no need to associate my actions with the integrity of Enspire Foundation.

I apologize to UBC Athletics and Recreation and to the UBC Rowing Team, the coaches, the athletes, my coworkers and manager, its other employees, its participants and its clients.  In no way, shape or form does UBC Athletics or the UBC Rowing team condone violence or misconduct, and should thus not be associated with my actions. To additionally clarify, I have not been a part of the UBC Rowing Team at all during the last term.

Lastly, I apologize to the Faculty of Science.  The faculty of science in no way, shape or form condones violence or misconduct.  My actions should not be reflective of the good research and work that they have performed.

My Story

I know a lot of you don’t believe me, but the truth is that I take full responsibility for my actions and am sincerely apologetic for what I did.  What I did was completely out of character for me, but I did it because I was influenced by mob mentality.  I want to shed light onto the thought process that was in my head so that maybe you can all get a little bit of an understanding and sympathize for people like me, who made wrong decisions but have now become victims of this social media form of mob mentality.

Why don’t I think I deserve all this treatment?

Because for one, I’ve admitted to my mistakes, two, I am ready to deal with the consequences in a judicial manner, and three, because (may I remind you that) I am responsible for theft – a fairly minor action compared to vandalism and arson. Please remember and understand that I am not responsible for the riot.

I did not vandalize any buildings.
I did not set fire on anything.
I did not break any glass.
I did not instigate the riot.
I did not physically harm anybody.
I did not jump on any cop cars.
I did not even plan on being in the riot.

On any regular day I would not condone looting.

However, at the time of the riot everything just seemed so right.

At the time, being a part of the riot was simply to fulfill the adrenaline rush I was looking and hoping for – an adrenaline rush that I previously got from post-winning games: hugging randoms, dancing on the streets, honking car horns non-stop, and high-fiving just about everybody.  In the same way that everybody enjoyed collectively showing pride in our team, it was enjoyable to express my disappointment in a collective manor.

I had no intentions of defiling the city.  I love Vancouver as much as you do – I’ve lived here since I was 7 months old.  But in my immature, intoxicated perspective all I saw was that the riot was happening, and would continue happening with or without me, so I might as well get my adrenaline fix.

And what was going on my head about the stealing?

As bad as it sounds, the stealing was purely fun for me.  I had no intentions with the product.  I just wanted to get a souvenir at the time.  I took two sized 42 mens dress pants.  I’m a woman’s size 6-8.  I don’t have any brothers, cousins, boyfriends, fathers, grandfathers or anything else of the like that are size 42 in mens.  I did not plan on selling them either.

*FYI: The pants will be returned, but are not yet returned because the cops want to schedule an appropriate time and date to do so.

I’m a UBC student, and an adult.  Shouldn’t I know the difference between wrong and right?

Well yes, I should…but in certain circumstances our perspectives get seriously skewed.  It was extremely hard to see the consequences in taking a couple pants,  when around me people were lighting up cars, smashing windows and inflicting physical pain on one another.  My train of thought at this point was that “the place is already broken into, most of the contents of the store have already been stolen, so what difference does it make if I take a couple things?”  Not convinced?  Maybe Christopher Schneider, assistant professor of sociology at UBC, can convince you.  In his recent quote in the Vancouver Sun he states:

“When the riot started unfolding …you have a lot of law-abiding citizens hanging around downtown who otherwise would’ve got out of Dodge…When you have a mob or riot-like activity, individual accountability tends to go out the window. People see other people setting fires and they think, ‘I’m going to set a fire too, and I won’t get caught.’ These types of people typically wouldn’t set a fire on their own.”

But still, a lot of you don’t find credibility in the theory of mob mentality

I’ve heard people discredit the theory of mob mentality in the case of the 2011 Vancouver Riot. People say that it is clearly possible not to be influenced by others, because for one, majority of people left downtown right away and didn’t participate.  And further, that many people who stayed didn’t do anything but watch/take pictures/film.  Therefore anybody who tries to reason out by citing the theory of mob mentality is just finding a scape goat.  Not true.  I would know.  John Tauer, physiology professor of the University of St. Thomas would probably also know.  In a Minnesota newspaper he states that “many factors…create a mob mentality — though emotion and alcohol do top the list.”

And that’s really what it was for me. I was immature, intoxicated, full of adrenaline, disappointed in the loss, filled with young rage, and have a “go-out-and-do-it” kind of personality.  It had nothing to do with anarchy because I am definitely not an anarchist.  I am a law-abiding citizen that has had a clean slate criminal record before this night.  I had no intentions on harming the law, the city, any businesses or any people.  It was a spur of the moment kind of thing and I just got caught up in the chaos.

As soon as I left the riot I knew that what I did was wrong.

As soon as I left the riot I knew that what I did was wrong.  My levels of alcohol and adrenaline in my blood had seriously died down, and I was no longer surrounded by the mob.  It’s a little funny to me that that was so, because this is exactly what Schneider was explaining earlier: that people lose their individual accountability when in a mob.

If I knew that I was wrong, then why didn’t I do something about it sooner?

I knew that I was going to return the pants and tell the cops that I made a mistake, but why did I wait 2.5 days instead of .5-1 day?  Well, that would be out of pure nervousness…nervous to tell my parents and my sister.  I was raised in a good family and I was more nervous to tell them than the cops.  I had to be okay with admitting it to them before I could go out to the cops.

he infamous smile

And still, a lot of people will never find remorse for me because I had a huge smile on my face.  But like I said earlier, it was fun at the time.  I thought it was pretty funny because this is the only time that I would ever do something like this.  The smile on my face was an “I’m such a badass I can’t believe I’m doing this!” kind of look.

If you still don’t believe I’m a good person, here’s a little side story for you:

As many of you already know, I am majoring in Conservation Biology at UBC.  I strongly belirve in ecological conservation and sustainability.  That night, I saw a few  people that were trying to knock trees down.  So what did I do?  I yelled at them, saying “Pleaaseee, not the treees!!!!”  And what did they do?  They stopped.  And I felt like a hero.

The “21st Century Witch Hunt?”

In social media sites such as facebook and twitter, we have seen the following actions regarding the riot:

  • mass amounts of people acting in ways that they would not normally act
  • people thinking its okay to harm others because everybody else is doing it as well
  • ensuring that peoples’ lives are destroyed, by making sure everybody collectively e-mails, phones and spams their families, their jobs, their schools, and all others that they are associated with (do it for your country! no wrath! vengeance is ours! the lives of others are miniscule the actions that they have mistakenly done!)
  • trying to ruin the reputation of all organizations that they are associated with
  • threatening associations to ruin their reputation if they do not disassociate themselves with that person
  • exaggerating what that person did in order to make their actions seem completely unforgivable

Does this sound a little bit familiar?  I don’t know about you, but to me this sounds like people are trying to retaliate by yet another form of mobbing – the thing about this form of mob mentality that astounds me is that this time they’re doing it sober.  As Beer writes in a recent blog that I ran into, “Let’s hope the guilty are found and punished, but also try to make sure the online search for them doesn’t devolve into a 21st century witch hunt.”

Furthermore, the VPD does not support the negative behaviour that has been so prevalent online.  In fact, many of you should even be careful of what you say online, because everything that you say online is basically written in stone.  And anything that you say can and will likely be used against you in court.  If not in the judicial court, then in this new-aged social media court that everybody seems so happy and willing to partake in.

The judicial court is designed to give accused individuals the punishment that they deserve based on the actions that they have made, and protect them from punishments that they do not deserve.  It is made up of people that have received years of education and training.  This new social-media court that we see is made up of people who likely know very little about rightful punishments.  They make decisions based on emotions and try to incriminate individuals in harsh ways that are extremely unnecessary.  We need to leave the decision making to the experts, who can separate themselves from emotional decisions provide just punishments.

The VPD defined harassment for me the other day: that it is multiple attempts of unwanted communication.  They further advised me to file harassment on anybody who did not leave me alone.

A Peripheral Aside: Notes on Feminism & Racism

There are a few things that I have seen on social media sites that have come across to me as a major concern.  First off, a little bit about racism:

Since I am a Canadian citizen, I am aware of my rights.  Let me show you a little insert from the Canadian Charter of Rights:

Equality Rights


15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

(2) Subsection (1) does not preclude any law, program or activity that has as its object the amelioration of conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups including those that are disadvantaged because of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

Racism is not accepted in my country, so to the following people, and all others of the like, if you are going to make racist remarks, then maybe you should leave our country.

@Mo Hill, I’m glad you own a colour TV.  I suggest also owning a time machine.  That way you can go back to the 1960′s, when colour TVs first started selling in large numbers…and when racist remarks like yours were much more appreciated. Also, Mr. I’m-so-Canadian, learn how to spell colour right.  In Canada we spell colour with a ‘u‘.  It’s because we are part of the British Commonwealth.  Were you aware of that?  If not, try reading up on it on Wikipedia.  (PS, that is what people in the kom-pyu-ter-world call a hy-per-link – sound it out, it’s not too hard!)  You can click on it and it will direct you to the Wikipedia page I was talking about.  You can also find other important information on there, such as, articles on stupidity, imbeciles and mental retardation.   Hope that helps, xox!!!).

Here’s another thing that bothers me: why is everybody so surprised that a female partook in the riot?  What is with this attitude that females are incapable of doing what men can do?  Maybe it takes an event like this to show you misogynists that woman are fully capable of anything you can do.  And if my actions lead to that revelation in your obscure little heads, then maybe it’s a good thing that I partook in this event.

My Theory & Thoughts on the situation

What do I think of this whole situation?
I think it has been completely blown out of control.
I think that people are all over my case for several reasons:

1) I’ve lived here all my life so I am bound to have made a few enemies along the way. 
It seems abnormal how passionate some people are at trying to ruin my life.  Well you know what?  I think it’s sad how much you all want to ruin my life and how I have become the centre of your worlds.

2) I’m a UBC student that works two jobs, volunteers and am athletic.
Well guess what folks?  People who work hard make mistakes too.  And to the guy who called me a “disrespectful spoiled little bitch,” you are completely wrong.  I was raised by hardworking parents and was taught to work hard for myself.  I work hard to pay for my own rent, my own groceries, my own bills, and my hobbies.  I have additionally also been fully responsible for financing my own education.  I have been working since I was 14 years old – as soon as I was legally able to do so.  I have been responsible for obtaining my volunteer opportunities and my work opportunities.  So please people, find it in your humane hearts to let the cops deal with the rest of this.

3) I have been dehumanized.
Nobody has sympathy for a picture.  I have been painted out as a criminal, and not the person that I really am.  Everybody associates me with all the bad things that have happened in the riot.  I do not agree at all with how far the riot went.  If you must know, I wasn’t even at the riot when it was at its peak.  And to the girl that messaged my sister on Facebook, I sincerely apologize that your boyfriend got stabbed, but I had nothing to do with that.  I wish him the best and I hope he gets better.  But please separate me, and especially my family from these horrible things that have been done.  Remember, the only thing that I did was take a couple things from a store.  It’s fairly minor compared to the rest of the acts that were done.

4) People don’t know how else to vent their anger
I honestly think that the reason why people are so strongly targeting people like me is because people are upset.  They are drunk off of emotions, and want to do everything they can to fix their city.  I completely understand that and like I said, am not proud of myself!  Collaborating to clean up the city?  Excellent way to remediate the mess.  IDing people?  Very helpful for the VPD – saves time and money for the cops and in the end for our city.  Harassing people, ruining their lives, and finding unlawful punishments?  Not at all helpful.  It gives the cops more things to deal with, and is in a way a form of anarchy.  The laws were made for everybody to follow: criminals and spectators alike.  So for you to disregard the laws makes it seem like you are an anarchist…starting a mob…based on social media…starting to get the picture yet?

Anyways, long story short, venting your anger on people does not make the situation better, so feel free to ID people and help in ways that you can, but don’t ruin our lives!

My Requests:

In the Canadian society that we all know and love, we are taught to be righteous individuals, to stand up for our rights, and to be loyal to society.  Well great, props to everybody for being loyal to society by IDing people.  They (we) will get what they (we) deserve.  But you guys are completely forgetting that we have rights as well.   It is completely unrighteous to be spending your entire day(s) contacting us, re-posting our pictures, and having everybody collaborate to ruin our lives.  Not even the VPD spend that much time on us, so please simmer down a tad bit.

Not only that, but Canada prides itself in being a peaceful country.  We Canadians are loved around the world because we know how to handle ourselves and we avoid war as much as possible.  The actions that I have seen on social media sites are embarrassing to our country and our reputation.  These actions do not reflect the kindness that us Canadians are all known and loved for.

So please, give me, my family, my friends, my school, my employers, and everybody else or everything that I am or was associated with a break.  It’s called mistakes.  I learned from my mistake, I am not proud of my mistake, and I will make sure not to be influenced by people as easily as I was.  I will make sure to make proper judgements on all my decisions in life.  I am prepared to do community work, pay fines, and if worst comes to worst, even a criminal record.  The same goes for Nathan Kotylak, Sienna St. Laurent, Jason Li and all the others who deserve a break.

As angry as this blog is (a natural response after seeing people repeatedly trying to – successfully – ruin your life), I am again very sorry for my actions. I have reported to the VPD, will return the pants when they want me to, and am currently waiting to see what I will be punished with.

I want to save this last paragraph to my friends and family who have supported me through this difficult time.  Without your help I may have lost my mind already.  To those who know me and have turned their backs on me, please delete me from Facebook and disassociate yourself from me as much as possible because I don’t want to have anything to do with you.

Thank you ever so kindly for your time.


The Real Camille


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  1. J dog permalink

    Apparently she wasn’t genuine at her police meeting and acted like her actions were not a big deal. Her above letter, more of a justification for what she did rather than an apology shows that clearly. In addition she blames other people who demonize her. Ya we get it Camille- you didn’t kill anyone- but you really aren’t taking responsibility for your actions and your bs excuse for breaching your court ordered conditions doesn’t fly either.

    Good thing you were convicted on both counts. Guess the judge didn’t buy it either in the most lenient province in Canada.

    My opinion? You should have gone to jail for the mandatory minimum sentence that participating in a riot carries.

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    matter on net as compared to textbooks, as I found this paragraph at this
    web site.

  3. What you did was wrong. I will never forget what you did.

  4. KING TROLL permalink

    How’s it going Camille? You and that loser bodybuilding thug winner boyfriend find a job yet? Lol! Looks good on you both! Hope you are following your court conditions and being a good girl!

  5. Hi I am so excited I found your blog, I really found you by
    error, while I was searching on Google for something else, Anyhow I am here now and
    would just like to say many thanks for a remarkable post and a all round entertaining blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to read through it all at the moment but I have saved it and also included your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read much more, Please do keep up the great job.

    • KING TROLL permalink

      Hey Camille, your bodybuilding THUG LOSER TOUGH GUY BOYFRIEND looks like another REAL WINNER there! Fucken GOOF! I’d have spat on the idiot for tripping up that photographer that day. Hope he gets the shit kicked out of him one day! And charged for assaulting a photographer to boot. I see he is another currently UNEMPLOYED LOSER like yourself! Karma’s a bitch! Please you and him both LEAVE this fine city I reside in asap!

  6. Tyler Durden permalink

    There’s no need to play any race cards into the equation. I’m half Filipino myself (you ignorant f*cks should spell it correctly first before making any further criticisms) and Camille Cacnio coming from the Philippines shouldn’t even be addressed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending her. I think she was completely idiotic and wrong in every way, just don’t blame it on race or culture. Several rioters during the Stanley Cup Finals riot were of various different races including your own. Hate on the individual, not a country/race so keep it classy folks.

  7. Joe Sax permalink

    I used to see this bitch at UBC birdcoop gym, where she used to work and workout too, before and even after the riot. She was always rude and nasty and wanted to act tough. She cries for racism now, but she is a nasty racist herself but loved big white guys with tatoos and “bad boy” looking features. She is a low class bitch and always will be. I hope UBC will never let her back. I know there many people like her in this world but she is the one who got caught. If she wasn’t then she would never even appologized. She is ugly on the inside and outside….

    • Joe Sax posted: “She is a low class bitch and always will be.” Not necessarily the case, Joe. People can change–especially when they place faith in Jesus Christ in order to receive the new life of a relationship with God.

      • Joe Sax permalink

        Really? You thinks so Andy? Don’t you know that Phillipinos are fairly religious Catholics and constantly praise Jesus and the Lord!? And she is a chuch goer! And they think that Jesus will forgive their sins. That’s why they keep on sleeping around and cheat on their partners. Religion is not the solution here, humanity is. But people like her don’t know what humanity even means and that has nothing to do with being white or yellow or black or if you believe on “god” or his son or other relatives of “him”!
        I actually think this girl is enjoying this attention she is getting and perhaps even somehow profit from it, otherwise why would she allow people to make so many negative comments about her. She has control over this site. So I said it before and I say it again: once a dirty bitch, always a dirty bitch…

      • @Joe Sax: You said, “Don’t you know that Phillipinos are fairly religious Catholics and constantly praise Jesus and the Lord!? And she is a chuch goer! And they think that Jesus will forgive their sins. That’s why they keep on sleeping around and cheat on their partners. Religion is not the solution here, humanity is.”

        Please allow me to clarify. People do what they do precisely because they are human and fallen. I never once said “religion is the solution.” I said “a relationship with God” through Jesus Christ (God-the-Son). Note the contrast between those two words: “religion” vs. “relationship.” Religion is man attempting to buy God off with rituals, good deeds, or some combination thereof. Perhaps Camille is a ritualist (as the majority of Catholics are).

        Even when people behave in ways that are genuinely good–they’re doing out of faith in themselves and either believing they don’t need God or else can earn His favour. That would be like me going to my bank and asking for a new loan to pay off my existing bank loan. All goodness comes from God; we cannot buy His favour with goodness He already owns.

        But a relationship with God is something very different from “religion” as you’re thinking of it. Christianity is *not* about man approaching God with manmade ways of earning God’s favour. Rather, Christianity is all about God coming *to us* in the form of Jesus to initiate something by *His* power, not ours.

        I’ll tell you right now–I *don’t* have the power, in and of myself, to live the Christian life. I must consciously depend upon God every moment of every day to live in a manner that (a) pleases Him, and (b) has a positive impact on people around me. I claim no righteousness or goodness of my own. Anything good in me, or good that I do, comes by way of Jesus. God is willing to conduct a relationship with me *not* because I deserve His grace and forgiveness, but simply because He is gracious and forgiving.

        But He is also a Judge, and will not allow the Camilles of the world–or the Joe Saxes of the world–to go their merry way without being held accountable. Joe, if you reject God, then the truth is you have *no objective standard* to which you have any right to hold Camille accountable. If there is no God, then we’re on our own, and no individual has any right to judge another individual.

        Morality thus collapses into “might makes right.”

        I hope I’ve expressed myself respectfully, and that you’ll give some thought to what I’ve tried to communicate, instead of just writing it off.

    • Robert permalink

      I agree, this girl is dirt
      just another immigrant

  8. HorsePingUnited permalink

    Another physically deformed and mentally deficient Filipino outside her country. Go back to your country and loot a store there. You would love getting lynched, and mommy and daddy won’t be there to save you!

    • Bosniak-Jewish Solidarity permalink

      Camille Cacnio is a joke. She should be locked in jail. CTV news has reported that she has been breaching her court probation conditions:

      Police have released seven names of adults who have been charged for breaching their court-imposed conditions.

      Those charged include Camille Cacnio, a university student who stole two pairs of men’s dress pants from Black & Lee the night of the riot, then posted a lengthy apology on her blog the next week.

      A provincial court judge handed Cacnio a suspended sentence, probation and community work, saying the scathing campaign of online shaming that targeted her was more than enough to ensure she learned her lesson.

      Police say four of the people being investigated for breaching conditions are youth and can’t be named

      Supt. Dean Robinson said he’s disappointed the same people who showed disrespect for the community are now showing disrespect for the courts by violating their conditions.
      “We’ve not made these extraordinary efforts just to see some rioters flout the law another time with their disrespect for the courts,” said Robinson.

    • Robert permalink

      why is everybody so surprised that a female partook in the riot?
      We are not surprised a female took part, just surprised that you think you are better than the criminal you are!!
      whether phillipina or Caucasian you broke the law

  9. Walter Jones permalink

    This chick is a real asshole, you cant justify it…the ones that were quiet were forgotten, this one likes the spotlight.

  10. Hi Camille,

    I am currently working on a story on mob mentality for a student publication at Centennial College in Toronto. I was wondering if you would be interested in talking to me about your experience with mob mentality. I just want to make clear, this article is not meant to pass any judgement on the events of the Vancouver riot. I would just like to learn more about what it feels like to succumb to mob mentality.

    Please let me know!

    My email is

    Take Care,


  11. Blowme permalink

    Hey Camille,why don’t you LEAVE VANCOUVER and MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE IN CANADA! It is a BIG NATION! Don’t need anymore of you SELF RIGHTEOUS FUCKS VANCOUVERITES(not all,but quite a few! Especially you idiots still talking on your cell phones and driving FUCK ALL OF YOU FUCKS!)

  12. Pam permalink

    go back to the phillippines you ungrateful bitch, you’re nothing but a disgrace to your people

  13. stupid cunt

  14. When*Pigs*Fly permalink

    Boo frickin hoo! Methinks the little ‘lady” protesteth too much.

  15. Mark Mashal permalink

    Pathetic. Thats all I can say. More excuses on top of more excuses. Blaming others and quoting REPUTABLE people of our society, as if that was going to erase ýour own actions. The ONLY message I got from this excuse of an apology is that she clearly knows how to “çut & paste”, she would like us to leave her family alone, stop harassing her employers because she doesn’t want to get fired again, and to leave her school out of this because she still needs to graduate. Oh, and my favorite, to all her OLD friends who turned their back on her, instructing them to delete her from their friends lists, because she doesn’t need them! Please, they deleted YOU for a reason. Nobody wants to be affiliated with a criminal. Get over yourself. And let this be known too. I was the first person emailing your employer threatening to pull sponsorship and purchases for my company expressing my sheer disgust in your employment. I also emailed UBC, because I support law abiding citizens who want to contribute to our future, I don’t financially support a university that doesn’t hold its students accountable. I sincerely hope you are never allowed to forget your actions. I hope that someday when you have children, that you will be forced to think about your actions yet again when they discover you on the internet for the first time when they learn how to use Google. You disgraced an entire city and country. This is your legacy.

  16. Skye permalink

    Remorse and contrition are qualities that most adjudicators/judges look for in an apology………..neither are present in this apology. Get over yourself Camille, your real self is showing through and it isn’t very attractive or socially beneficial.

  17. Cyberia permalink

    “Maybe Christopher Schneider, assistant professor of sociology at UBC, can convince you. In his recent quote in the Vancouver Sun he states: […]”

    How DARE you drag Professor Schneider’s name through the mud like this?

  18. Andy permalink

    Dear Camille,

    Hello. I’m hoping you’ll seriously consider the following, which is expressed with conviction but not with hostility. But I want to challenge you, and hope you’re willing to be challenged.

    Over the summer you may have reflected further on your actions during the Vancouver riot, but at the moment all the rest of us have to go by, re. your feelings on the matter, is what you’ve posted here. Many of us found your apology insincere because of one simple thing: you blame outside stimuli, including other people, rather than yourself.

    You deem yourself a “good person” and offer as evidence the fact that during the rioting you sought to protect some trees from vandals. What you appear to be telling us is that during a time when you were allegedly hopped up on adrenaline and booze, causing you to temporarily think that looting was a perfectly rational thing to do, you were also morally aware and clear-headed enough to put your love of the natural world into action by saving some trees.

    Something doesn’t add up. What your “apology” misses is due consideration of the role that one’s moral standards play in determining one’s actions. Your strong convictions relating to the environment allowed you to overcome the otherwise conscience-numbing effects of the evening’s stimuli and to make the “right” decision about saving trees.

    What, then, are your convictions with regard to honesty, people’s property, and your Creator–and if you have convictions in those areas, why couldn’t they overcome the stimuli that “caused” you to loot? What does this glaring contradiction say about your own nature . . . ?

    Bear in mind that I don’t consider myself any more righteous than you, but I’m trying to get you to reflect more deeply, incisively, and transformatively.

  19. A conniving and appalling display of unfettered self love–particularly the pseudo-intellectual excuses and post facto rationalizations. Playing the race card afterwards doesn’t make it any better, goes to show what it’s good for in the first place.

    > “Pleaaseee, not the treees!!!!” And what did they do?
    > They stopped. And I felt like a hero.
    Leaves you speechless–the very essence of egoeco-activism; feeling smug. This ‘apology’ is almost worse than the crime–thanks anyway, it says so much.

  20. It’s amazing how “holier than thou” people are, as if most of them haven’t ever committed a petty crime before. The only difference is this woman was caught.

    Get over it and leave this poor girl alone. Shame on you for being internet bullies.

    • Disagree permalink

      Let’s be careful to call the discussion sparked by very public choices made by a full grown adult internet bullying. Internet bullying has happend to children who have done nothing wrong and were relentlessly and meaninglessly harassed – some with fatal consequences.

      They were innocent. They were “poor girls” and “poor boys”. There have been some mean comments. But there have been a lot more discussions and fair criticisms – and it seems unfair to lump that in with the attacking of innocent children.

      If she is being personally harassed or degrading and slanderous content is being maliciously produced and distributed – that is wrong and should stop.

      There is no shame in voicing your opinion on something that has been published to a wide audience. If the people reading and responding to this ‘apology’ are being bullies, then so are all the newspapers that have published the full apology… and the people responding to that.

      This is not bullying, she is not a victim. Reacting, complaining, and discussing is not a crime. This is not bullying, this is a lot of people disagreeing.

    • JACKMEOFF permalink

      Fuck off RETARD,this wasn’t just a petty crime that we have all done,this was a utter disgrace to a world class beautiful city,she was rioting bonehead and I know a lot of business owners down there that got screwed out of thousands of dollars cause RIOTS ARE NOT COVERED BUY INSURANCE goof off! Yes,we have all perhaps commited a small offence but this was a utter disgrace of behaviour mr or mrs angel!

  21. Toolman permalink

    I was outraged at her apology when I first read it too. Here was this “apology” that was nothing but a bunch of excuses that is trying to justify rioting. But as time as passed, I have seen that only a few names have become household names in this riot. Names like Cacnio’s, Kotylak etc.

    While what she did was wrong and her “apology” was horrendous… she does make a point; she is getting a disproportionate amount of hate for what she did. It will not be easy for her in the future, looking for a job, with her name and face forever on the internet.

    Ideally everyone who participated in the riot would be outed and become household names, unfortunately this is not possible and Cacnio gets more blame than she should.

    • Disagree permalink

      That’s alot of apology, put out in a very public way. The reactions to the apology are proportionate to the audacity and length of it. There is no control that determines the appropriate amount of reactions. Anyone who reads it could potentially react.

      It does not appear that she is being blamed for the riot. However, she put out there quite a bit to respond to, so it is hard to say that people should not respond. And it is disheartening that she doesn’t understand that her and every person stupid enough to cheer and participate made up the riot.

      Others have lost their jobs and been mocked, lectured, and criticised for their participation in the riot. Others have apologized, but they have generally kept themselves as smaller targets.

      There is a list of people who have been “outed” floating around out there. And a Canucks forum that has a list of arrests.

      The way she decide to apologize was a spectacle in itself. And maybe it was a mistake. But, it is her own words that has caused this disproportion – so she seemed to have singled herself out… writing more of a debate than an apology.

  22. Send them all back permalink

    Honestly, “send her back to her country” is what you are calling racism? I got told to my face to “go back to your country” on the number 7 bus during the summer people were worried about SARS… to start calling that hate speech or discrimination, when it’s race-tinted stupidity might be the new privileged asian whine.

    On a positive note, if that’s what people under 25 call hate speech, then we should actually be very proud. Because the influx of immigrants between 1990 and 2000 changed the terrain of the city and suburbs – and it was a tense and aggrivated transiton for everyone. That that animosity has died down to the point that an asian face takes offence to being mistaken for an immigrant… and considers that discrimination? That’s pretty flacid.

    Racism and race based hate is vile and degenerate, much like rioting and looting. And there is no defence for it. And yet we can’t forget that we wear or race. Asians have Asian faces. I was born in Vancouver and I am as Canadian as I can be – and yet I wear my asian face.

    The argument is that be do not treat the “white” rioters the same. But I wonder if even though the words are different the feeling is the same. That feeling of anger and wanting to reject these people… of wishing they weren’t part of our communities. Because I know that if peroxide, hoodie, or MuchMusic / MallRat / Poser were countries I’d gladly have them all deported regardless of race or gender.

  23. "Mistake" means still useful permalink

    Years, a whole lifetime, and the lifetime of parents (and the school systems) has been invested in creating a useful person. A person who understands their merits and worth are measured by their performance… hence the lengthy “good person” segment of the essay. By good, she means “useful” because she has been taught that fundamentally the two are the same thing.

    And compared to the time and money we as a society have put into helping create this “useful” person, it benefits us to fluff off this crime as a mistake. It is cheaper. And she demonstrates quite clearly that she measures “good” exactly as she has been taught to. Attending UBC, protecting trees, doing volunteer work, holding jobs… these are things that are useful to society. And that she can break a law and call it a mistake, and point to her usefulness means that she is deeply entrenched in the shallow sense of “good” that was intended.

    When people do not display they are useful and therefore virtuous in the manner above… and they break the law they are criminals. When people like Cacnio break the law, but demonstrate that they are more than willing to measure their virtue by their skills – we must consider that she is still useful.

    A bad person in the eyes of the law is not a person who commits a crime, but a person who might not be useful to society. An investment for which we may not see a return. For the young, educated, and skilled – the fact that they believe their own usefulness makes them “good”… and that they are dumb enough to get drunk and participate in a riot… and that fails to jolt their minds awake to reflect on character beyond their resumes… that is society succeeding.

    Just smart enough to hold a job or get through school and feel good about it. Not smart enough for independant thinking and the emotional depth to consider in any real manner whether you really are a “good person”.

    If anything, for the seemingly random participants who are entering or in university… they have spent every day of their lives becoming and showing that they are useful… they spent one day prooving that they are idiots… and the apologies show that they whole heartedly buy into the notion that useful = good.

    The reason they don’t need to go to jail is because no correction is necessary. Useful and able to perform is what parents and teachers and employers want. Lacking independant reflection? Well, who needs that? Critical thinking will just complicate matters.

    She feels compelled to save trees and quote from papers and take tests (and feels good about herself when she does these things)… 20 years, over a million dollars, a lifetime in hours – I think parents, teachers, and taxpayers still have to call that a win.

    • "Mistake" means still useful permalink

      Even when a convicted criminal applies for a pardon all they are really showing the court is that, while they were not useful in the past, they have become and are currently, and intend to be useful.

      They are excused from their criminal record based on their ability to show that they would like to participate in the collective understanding and social contract which requires them to earn what they spend and not harm others.

      As moronic as the actions of these young people were, they do not appear passionate about breaking those two rules, or unwilling to cease following them…. that is how we come to call a “crime” a “mistake”.

      So, for Camille and the others. Good. They have not extracted more than they could potentially put in. And if anything, they are now at best stung by public opinion… these are the last people on earth who will key are car. After this experience they might have small panick attacks if they even consider littering. Prison is for formal correction and isolation…. neither seems necessary.

  24. prince permalink

    Your “apology” is wretchedly awful, and about 7 times too long, because of phony self-justification for useless filler.

    Not only am I happy you got fired, I hope you don’t get another job. Hahaha.

  25. wilf permalink

    If you are looking for the original, just look on the Vancouver Sun’s webpage. Most of the people criticizing the apology are taking issue with her apparent attempts to justify her behaviour that night. The apology starts off by saying she’s sorry which is good, but then it turns into a rant about why it’s not her fault and she feels she’s a victim. That’s where she loses my sympathy.

  26. solid permalink

    I’m sorry also, sorry to hear that you feel the need to apologize. You did what you did and I can appreciate a brief explanation of your mindset. I would have preferred to see people rioting over some of the social issues that we are faced with rather than a stupid hockey game but I was glad to see some of our upper class and a small section of the corporate world take a beating for a change.

    I don’t feel one bit sorry for any of the businesses that were attacked or our putrid city. The politicians are corrupt and the corporations are thieves. Anybody who stands up to defend them is as guilty as they are. That includes anyone who feels shamed into apologizing for their part in the riot. Be proud to have struck a blow for the marginalized in our society. I hope future crowds or groups draw on the strength of this experience and gradually we pull together to stand against a common enemy, our Leaders.

    If you sincerely want to apologize then you wish to be part of the problem. Will you feel the same if they don’t want you in their world? If this haunts you for years and you are unable to find work? If you become marginalized? You ask people to please not ruin your life, you don’t that to happen to you. I would hope you don’t want that to happen to anyone. Then fight them instead of giving in to their domination. No regrets, no self-incrimination, no admission of guilt and no apologies.

    • HonestAbe permalink

      You are a dick. Some of those “evil corporates” that were attacked in this riot included small business people. People who are just trying to make a living. Are the owners of Clover Earthkind Hair Salon “thieves” because they happened to have a small business on Richards Street? What about the family owned Italian Restaurant on Georgia? Or the people who actually live downtown, including some of the poor and homeless from the Downtown Eastside who were run over during this fiasco.

      OK, so you are anti-business. Fine. That is your right. But this riot had nothing to do with that and there are better ways of “attacking” businesses than with bottles and hockey sticks and drunken violence.

      Don’t associate the two.

      • Right on – just clicked the “like” button. Everyone is in business. A bricklayer is in the business of Bricklaying. What kind of person refers to Vancouver, one of the most beautiful places on Earth, as “putrid”?

    • DownWithTards permalink

      The rioters represented the marginalized of our society? Wearing their $300 True Religion jeans and their $150 Canucks jerseys while drinking $40 bottles of Hennessy and having mommy and daddy pay for their education and indiscretions – yeah, those poor down trodden masses.

  27. psc permalink

    If you were going to court, your letter actually outlines in detail that you feel absolutely no remorse for your actions. Further, that you are only capable of being a good person in the right context.

    Future employers reading the letter are not going to be weary of you because of your involvement in the riot. They are going to be resistant for fear that if they accidently swear in your direction or complain about your work, you will read them your rights… They are going to wonder what defines for you an “out of the ordinary” day, where you will act with “rage” and complete disregard.

    If there are actual threats and hate mail, I hope that stops. But if the general frustrated and unpleasant commentary… and losing her job is what she is calling “harassment”, well that’s just another indication that she is spoiled.

    The irritation is not discriminatory. I’m an Asian female and I found your essay extremely offensive.

  28. psc permalink

    Her life is not ruined. She lost her job and alot of people don’t like her. That is not akin to having a ruined life. Maybe she should go talk to the owner of the Blenz store, whose shop is still in repair AND had her car ruined.

    Following the news it looks like for the stupid criminals – the children being turned in by friends and family, will not face charges. Limited resources will result in the relatively minor crimes the charges will be “stayed”.

    This crime was committed in public, in full few of anyone who was watching television AND infront of countrless cameras inclusing the one that captured this girl looting. That’s a pretty public crime, it’s interesting to call the people who are voicing their offense a “mob”. I guess the best way to avoid that is to try not pissing off so many people at once.

    You have good points though, you may have been targetted by enemies you made over the course of your life. If, this is what you think an apology sounds like… I can believe you.

    Most of the backlash is people compelled to correct your ignorance. And I must say, as an Asian female. If I (intoxicated and full of young rage) punch you in the face and you say, “what the fuck, bitch? that ho just punched me! Go back to your country!” You might be a racist or a sexist… but when I am trying to apologise to you is not the time to bring it up.

    I am not sexist and I think your apology sounds very bitchy. And although there is no excuse for racism… someone saw and asian face commiting a crime mistook that person for an immigrant “go back to your country”… you saw someone’s business being devistated and mistook that for a party “oh, I want a souvenir!”… one of those is a worse mistake?

    Yes, people are being insulting. You did an insulting thing. All the males are being called names too… the word douche bag is floating around alot. So is the word “trash”. They have also probably been called bitches and hos… don’t worry about equality, this anger knows know race.

    Playing the race/sex cards means you don’t understand that what you did was a bitch move. I’m actually being a bitch right now. Your bitch laden essay inspired alot of bitch thoughts in me. What makes your actions ho (figurately, not literally) like is that enjoying public drunken looting displays a lack of class or tact. On the night of the riot, you were not a lady, but a figuratively a “ho”.

    So many things make you spoiled. First, you consider losing your job “ruining your life”. You think that people don’t have a right to boycott things you are and were involved in. It might be irrational, it’s not illegal – so yes it is within citizens rights to boycott any organization they want – for any reason. To believe that your thoughts on society are welcome in an apology? Spoiled! What that shows is that you probably talked circles around your parents and they bought it. So, you grew up being praised and never being truly taught anything about character.

    You will probably never see the inside of a courtroom or jail cell. There just won’t be time or resources to deal with your amusing yourself through petty theft and trespassing. That is what makes people most angry. So, yes you lost your job… no one tricked you with a hidden camera…. public offense, public offended – nothing to be surprised about.

    Lashing out in the essay was again… voluntary exposure. A lot of people have been fired for their involvement in the riot, this is just the first one stupid enough to try and say it’s unfair.

  29. John permalink

    This is a case of “Let he without sin cast the first stone.” So many people who have attacked the rioters with cruel and racist remarks basically pulled any moral high ground right out from under themselves. Interestingly enough, only a handfull of rioters have been identified by the internet community, thousands of racists have come out of hiding thx to twitter and Facebook, and now the whole world knows who they are since all your activity online is recorded and you can never ever hide it, all an employer has to do it put your name into Google and see how you spewed your vitriol and filth against others online. Ironic isn’t it?

  30. This is not an apology. Not even close.

  31. Stephen Sacks permalink

    ‘If you still don’t believe I’m a good person, here’s a little side story for you:

    As many of you already know, I am majoring in Conservation Biology at UBC. I strongly belirve in ecological conservation and sustainability. That night, I saw a few people that were trying to knock trees down. So what did I do? I yelled at them, saying “Pleaaseee, not the treees!!!!” And what did they do? They stopped. And I felt like a hero.’


  32. Camille,

    Your apology started out really well, I thought perhaps that you were truly sorry for your stupid and thoughtless actions, but the rest of your apology was a rambling justification of your actions and a call for sympathy that rendered the rest of your post meaningless.

    You cannot justify what you did; you can only apologize and let people know how you intend to make amends for it.

    You say that you were caught up in the moment, that everyone else was doing it, so why shouldn’t you? Did it ever occur to you that while you were using the bad actions of others to get away with criminal activity, that you were also influencing people to commit the same crimes? You are as guilty as if you had lit a car on fire, or punched a police officer – you joined in the fray and contributed to the “mob mentality”, the destruction of people’s businesses and workplaces, and you took away people’s sense of safety that night by joining in and being part of the problem.

    You are equally to blame, your crime was more than a stolen pair of trousers and I cannot find any sympathy in my heart for you, nor can I bring myself to accept your insincere “apology”.

  33. Here is an issue that I have not seen raised, but which concerns all of us who blog with WordPress.
    Up until now I have believed that I had the right to edit my blog, and to control what comments appeared there.
    Apparently, I was wrong.
    If Camille’s pre-edited version of her post can be taken and reposted by WordPress, and her control over which replies appear also was taken away, then what is stopping them from doing the same to any other blogger here?
    Big Brother is not only watching, but also is controlling, here at WordPress.


  35. Laurie permalink

    Her lack of remorse and humility is salt on the wounds for anyone who is angered or embarassed by what she’s done to our city and its reputation. Sure, she’s not alone, but it’s no excuse to be one of many. All I can say is that if I ever see her resume on my desk, or ever come accross her in business, she will not fare well with me. She should leave Vancouver – her apology merits no forgiveness.

  36. You’ve got a lot of growing up to do Camille. Maybe this event will help you do that.

    Until then, f**k you and f**k everyone making excuses for you.

    Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. I apologize and take full responsibility. You see, I just got caught up with this mob that’s attacking you. I was doing it for fun. You understand, right? I haven’t hit you, or broken your computer, or burned your house down. It was just a little profanity in the heat of the moment. I’m really a good person. I graduated college with honors.

  37. Chris permalink

    This is not an apology, this is a rant. Please shut up. You’re a disgrace to all other UBC students. Stupid bitch.

  38. Chris permalink

    An apology followed by the word BUT isn’t really an apology. You just have to say “I’m sorry for what I did,” then live with what you did. YOU have to own it. That is all.

  39. Snerdly permalink

    Is it really an apology when 2/3rds of the screed is a whiny, poor-me fest?

  40. JamesJ permalink

    Congrats – This little write-up made me think you are even more of an idiot than I already did. All I see you a girl coming up with EVERY possible excuse for why what she did wasnt her fault. And how theft “isnt really that bad”…

    Im sure you “turned yourself in” – Probably after either your employer or someone else recognised you, and told you to turn yourself in, or they would do it for you. Again I base my opinion on your own letter. Your mention “sympathy” for yourself. You do not deserve sympathy. You are not the victim here you make yourself out to be. Everyone makes mistakes, YOU made a mistake. YOU ARE NOT THE VICTIM.

  41. Tracerpacer permalink

    Thank you for your apologie…..that being said I disagree that “you didn’t start the riot” you added to the riot which is what makes it a riot! If every person who was there with intent to riot left this ‘movement would have been stopped VERY quickly. So to say you didn’t start it is a complete falasy and is just an excuse.

  42. vaness permalink

    What she did is surely a mistake and she will pay for what she has done which is stealing from the store. And that’s it. She apologize and feel sorry for her mistake. We can not blame her for the riot and violent. There are the people who destroyed our city and don’t even feel sorry. Those people should be purnished and brought out to the public. Hope everybody act fairly and have some sympathy for young people that make a small mistake and feel bad of their action.
    I know she is not a bad person, she just make a bad decision. she have learned a lesson and I hope she get through this difficult time. Sometimes we make a mistake in life, so please please give her a break.

  43. John permalink

    Wow that’s a lot of work to defend yourself. Ok we get it. You are clearly sorry.

    But still……like all the rest of the people on earth that committed a crime, (in your case looting), you are still responsible for your actions and there are consequences.

    Let me remind you guys. There is no exception for your action in the riot, like all the other 300+ people. Even though your case is might less severe than others, but you were still part of it and become the backbone of the riot.

    I don’t care about the excuse of mob mentality and all the rest of other crap. Why did you guys put yourself in this spot. You could have left after the game or not even be there at all. You guys should have knew there would be a riot after the game no matter what.

    Yes I can see that you are sorry. But I’m sorry to say that you still have to take on the rest of the consequences and beat down like all the rest of the rioters.

  44. You’d think she had eaten a baby. I’ll save my spleen for those who actually deserve contempt.

  45. Tony permalink

    Just so you guys know…UBC decided not to discipline her today.
    …”The university, however, will not be taking any disciplinary action towards Cacnio or any other UBC students who were found to be involved in the post-game chaos.
    “We let the police and the courts determine discipline in events like this,” said Scott Macrae, the director of UBC Public Affairs.
    “University discipline really refers to the university community, its members and its property, not to something that is outside of that.”
    Macrae went on to say that it is inevitable that there will be UBC students who have criminal records and, beyond what the courts decide, they shouldn’t be further censured for their actions.”

    • Anon permalink

      Why would UBC care? She’s paying to be there.

      • Yo Yo permalink

        Sorry, Typo. I meant UBC not UBS.

    • Yo Yo permalink

      Of Course they do. UBS is a name brand. Their label is worth billion times over her tuition. This is strictly a PR move to show some passion and forgiveness.

  46. Rick Smits permalink

    Camille: It takes courage for you to apologize. The first part of your apology is well done. From “My Story” onward, your apology, unfortunately, loses credibility. When you are sorry about something, you are sorry and you take responsibility. No explanations are needed. No “I’m sorry, but…”. No “let me try to tell you about other aspects of me”. A sincere apology, in my opinion, has three parts:
    1. I’m sorry for a specific action.
    2. It was completely my fault.
    3. I will do ______ to make things right.
    As I read over your apology again, I feel it is missing all three parts. And look at your apology: Before “My story” = 10%, After “My Story” = 90% of the text. I hope you also learn what a true apology is from this experience.

  47. hi camille,

    thank you for the letter! i feel for u, and feel very sorry that people are stupid enough to attack you. im glad that friends and families are there for u. protect yourself well, and learn from this mistake that you made and this unfortunate situation that you’re going through. the wave will finally pass, and if you stand strong, you’ll come out as a better person for yourself. let the attackers learn their lessons on their own. ❤

    • sam permalink

      Either you didn’t read through her entire ‘apology’ or you are willfully missing her point. I would argue more with you on this point but you are just too hot so I’ll stop there.

      • oh well thanks! haha! i take that as a compliment. i guess one thing i do stand by for my attitude, though, is to treat others the same way i want to get treated, and never judge someone unless i understand his/her situation. from the heavens and higher beings come unconditional love and no punishments. and that is what i think it’s ideal to do. attacking is an even lower form from punishing; that is why i despise it. 🙂

  48. How wonderful for you that you are sorry for your actions and are trying to make amends.

    Does this blog deserve to be chosen for Freshly Pressed? I think not. What were the WP folks who picked this thinking? Freshly Pressed is not the right forum for this blogger’s “apology” and excuses.

  49. mewithmycamera permalink

    a week after the riot we are still seeing the worst in people, on all sides, its sad to be honest

  50. I clicked on “like” a little too soon, when I had read the post halfway through. Then excuses excuses….

    She hardly sound like a person who is sorry for what she’s done. It’s more like a person who is trying to convince everyone that she is sorry.

    I wish I could take back the “like”.

  51. Sam permalink

    Looks like John Archer is saying that its okay to burn his car and smash his windows. yes, it will all pass (sort of in this internet world). But a simple apology is not enough. The act in of itself is not major true, but in context and together with a group is great. Ever heard of chinese water torture? Sure, one drop is nothing, even a few but for many it is unbearable. She acted as part of a group – that’s a mob. That can escalate in a group and shouldn’t be easily dismissed.
    It’s easy to feel that it ‘okay’ when its not your stuff and you feel nothing for the city. I am quite sure you would feel quite differently otherwise. Apology not accepted without some action to make amends. There is way too much damage for that.

  52. you had me with your apology then you started making excuses.
    so immature.

  53. fahrudin permalink

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  54. Always remember Camille – Everything you do and think creates your life and your future.

    Now that you have made your apology, don’t expect that everyone will accept it, because they won’t – so let them rant – that is their problem. Now it’s time to move on.

    Firstly, It is very important that you take 100% responsibility for your current situation because you alone created it by your own actions. Don’t, in anyway, justify what you did, because you have hurt a lot of people – your family, your friends, your co-workers, your employer, etc. Your apology is good enough.

    Secondly, learn from your mistakes – search within yourself and try to discover who you are and how you fit into this world, because people who steal ANYTHING, really have no clue who they are – they feel separated from the world around them.

    Thirdly, know that the criticism will die down over time – don’t get into it, as difficult as that may be.

    Thanks for having the courage to publicly apologize. It may not be the perfect apology, but it is what it is.

    Good luck with your life and your future. This will all pass. Life is an incredible journey – enjoy it.

    Much love to you . . ./John

  55. rebuilttranny permalink


  56. jpr permalink

    This apology doesn’t sound sincere AT ALL. The internet mob and hate comments is a different and separate issue; she shouldn’t have tried to talk about her misdeeds and hate comments together in an attempt to cast herself as the ‘victim’. In fact, by doing so she made her apology sound insincere. I am tempted to believe that Camille probably apologized BECAUSE of all the public shaming that she has received ever since she was identified in that video. As many people before have mentioned, she is probably sorry only because she got caught.

    I just want to say, yes racist and misogynist comments are unacceptable, but she deserves everything that’s happening to her right now. She brought this upon herself.

    On a more personal note, I’ve always hated shoplifters. They think its such a thrill to go and steal stuff, when they don’t know what the consequences are. I hope Camille becomes an example and a warning for other adolescents out there.

  57. To be perfectly clear, what is expressed here are Cacnio’s own words in the raw. This is how she really thinks and feels. Her own blog-page now contains only a heavily sanitized version.

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  59. Camille,

    Your apology seems sincere. Having apologized to everyone, just be sure to forgive yourself. Self condemnation is destructive. You’ve got a long life in front of you, and not many people will be able to remember this incident two years from now. Devote yourself to giving back- organize a coat drive for the homeless in the city. Move on in a healthy way, and give.


  60. Jangle Legs permalink

    Let’s make this clear that THIS:

    This blog is a reposting from someone who had her original cached.

    For those of you who think she’s taking responsibility, she can’t even take responsibility of her own post and deleted all her back lash ranting AFTER infuriating the social networks. DO YOU THINK SHE LEARNED ANYTHING FROM HER ACTIONS?! No. She makes one mistake after another acting out like she’s not at fault and showing her self-entitlement and hopes to take it back TWICE ON THE SAME ISSUE. She has learned nothing. I for one, hope her snobby attitude and true colours are seen in court with this blog and the original she tried to HIDE AWAY.

    I feel no sympathy. Get it straight; people on here aren’t hating on her for the mistake she made but for her lashing back and being completely insincere and graceless attitude for her actions. People hate her attitude, people hate that she’s finding scapegoats and excuses.

  61. Cacnio’s “apology” – … “narcissistic, amoral vanity….”

  62. I was really impressed by this post, and I was just about ready to give you “kudos” for publicly apologizing for your actions, but then I found myself unable to finish reading for the most part. I’m tired of people blaming their actions on “mob mentality” and “oh, geez wiz, I just couldn’t stop myself!” and “it was the alcohol that made me do it!”

    I think the right way to handle all of that was to say “It was my fault for not having a brain of my own” and “It was my fault I didn’t have enough self-discipline” and “I should have drank less.” It was ultimately YOUR choice to do these things. Not others.

    I had to smirk a bit when you “saved” those trees. You seemed to have enough good sense to do that – so the looting didn’t bother you but you couldn’t stand to have trees harmed? Not so sure about that one…

    I don’t believe you should be harassed for what you have done. I don’t condone name-calling, racism, sexism, etc…I’m sorry you have experienced all of that. I think this was a good attempt at an apology, but I feel overall you are missing some important lessons and reflections.

    I don’t know. Perhaps I just feel like this post went from an apology to a “why meeee? leave me aloneeeee” whine fest real quick.

    I give it an A for effort. C overall.

  63. wow people are heartless. what exactly do they all want? you apologized publicly and sincerely, you turned yourself in, you’re behaving the way a decent and civilized human being should. apparently none of these commenters have ever EVER done anything they weren’t proud of?

    let’s mob the mobbers, that ought to set things right.

    foolish and pathetic.

  64. Scarlett DuBois permalink

    Word of advice: when you want to apologize, just say sorry. Everything was not needed; it did nothing for you and may have just made matters worse.

  65. dan poyser permalink

    You are a very courageous young woman. We all get caught up in stuff, but not everybody takes responsibility like you have. Haters gonna hate! keep your head high and move on girl!!


    • Sam permalink

      How has she taken responsibility exactly?? She hasn’t done anything except to say that its not her fault that she couldn’t help herself,and then to go on about how everyone else is ‘bad’ and she’s really okay. You can’t possibly think that this retort (as its not an apology) is enough to make up for taking part of something that could have very easily become way way worse due to ‘small’ actions like hers.

  66. nfairbairn permalink

    This is what I think….read ‘The Shoe’. What happened in Vancouver is terrifying. We can come up with all the excuses in the world but the fact remains, we must figure out the cause of why so many people would act out in such a way.

  67. According to Criminal Code of Canada, Theft and Mischief for $5000 and more are treated the same way with liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years (C.C. 334 (a) and C.C. 430(3)), under $5000 for not exceeding 2 years (C.C. 334 (b) and C.C. 430(4))

    I did not vandalize any buildings.
    I did not set fire on anything.
    I did not break any glass.

    Thus, none of the above would apply to your theory of “those listed are worse crime committed than what I have offended.”

  68. I haven’t even seen the video in question and had no opinions on you whatsoever before reading this. After reading, I think you are an unapologetic, self righteous scumbag.

  69. Sean permalink

    It DOES NOT take GUTS to write this blog. You ONLY wrote this blog because you got caught with your face in a video.

    If you were not in the video clear as day I can guarantee this blog would not exist.

    Anyone buying into this bullshit needs to have their head examined.

  70. My, oh, my. The shits out of the bag!

  71. Ap. permalink

    Oh boohoo. She apologized so it’s all good right? She didn’t set a car on fire, but she cheered for the ones that did it, for the ones that hurt people and businesses. It was an honest mistake? an honest mistake is pushing someone on the street, not going to a store that has been destroyed and stealing a pair of pants, well, that’s probably how cheap her human values are, that she would get into all this trouble for following a bunch of losers. Hey girl, are those loser standing next to you? supporting you? where are they?

    She “feels like a hero” for stopping them from destroying trees on the street, did she feel like a hero for helping protect (by being an spectator) all of those thugs that were hurting people? don’t think so.

    A tree can grow again, and probably won’t have memory of the riots. A little girl who saw her dad getting beat up by a bunch of people, crying hysterically for help?..I think that’s going to stay in her mind for a while, perhaps not even grow out of it. Enjoy your new pair of pants, and hey if you need a stain remover for them, ask one of your friends that looted london drugs, maybe one of them snatched some Oxyclean on the way out, along with the pringles and wrigley’s spearmint.

    Take your apology and give it back to your parents that seem to think you did nothing wrong. Use it as a napkin if you wish, after all , that’s what you did to your dignity and your future. You have no respect for this city or your fellow citizens. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, you DON’T destroy stuff for fun and you DON’T steal. Period. God,and on top of everything, you make a list of things “you didn’t do” to make yourself feel better? how cheap.

    Here’s a very VERY good article about not buying your cheap apology or any fake apologies from any of the morons in downtown. You did it, now deal with the consequences – feels awful to be defenseless right? perhaps now you can understand the guy with the punctured lung that tried to save a business in dt. .

  72. Hi Camille,

    Thank you for sharing your side of the story and for owning up to what you did – that takes real guts and courage. The racism and bigotry you received is unacceptable, cruel and unjustifiable, and I am sorry to hear that you have had to deal with that on top of everything else.

    Thank you for taking the time to write your apology here on the blog. There will be those who will choose this as an opportunity to be cruel. There will be others who will take offense at your explanation about the mob mentality and would prefer to continue pointing fingers and not give you the opportunity to own your actions and deal with the fall-out of what just happened.

    And so while I am still sad at what happened to our beautiful city, I am not here to finger-point. Please know that I have been greatly encouraged by those who have volunteered to help clean up, by the notes on the boards downtown, and by people like you, being open and honest and admitting to what happened and making your apology.

    And so, since you have apologized to Vancouver, as a citizen of this beautiful city all my life, I want you to know that I will not enter the mob mentality debate. What happened, has happened. You have apologized, and I accept the apology. I forgive you.

    I hope you are able to forgive yourself.

    May you have continued courage to take the next steps, and once everything has been said and done, may you be free to stop apologizing and be able to turn the corner and discover the destiny that is yours instead. You have many opportunities before you – not for the sake of grovelling, and not just to make amends, but simply to do what is right going forward. For what it is worth, Camille, you have my vote. Go for it – you can do it.

    • Andy permalink

      Uh, no: there was no real “courage” or “apology” here. It was a fake apology followed by reams of excuses. How did you fail to catch that . . . ?

  73. So you’re saying that your “mob mentality” was temporarily put on hold when you saw people harming trees but not when you saw people looting businesses within your own community?

    • Anonymous permalink

      Trees are from Gaia, but businesses are from captialist oppressors… don’t you know anything (left/liberal sense is so alien from that of normal folk, you see).

  74. I think this post was brave , but poorly worded. Most would hide from the event, and then rationalize their actions. Thank you for the apology is all I have to say.

  75. Oh boohoo. She apologized so it’s all good right? She didn’t set a car on fire, but she cheered for the ones that did it, for the ones that hurt people and businesses. It was an honest mistake? an honest mistake is pushing someone on the street, not going to a store that has been destroyed and stealing a pair of pants, well, that’s probably how cheap her human values are, that she would get into all this trouble for following a bunch of losers. Hey girl, are those loser standing next to you? supporting you? where are they?

    She “feels like a hero” for stopping them from destroying trees on the street, did she feel like a hero for helping protect (by being an spectator) all of those thugs that were hurting people? don’t think so.

    A tree can grow again, and probably won’t have memory of the riots. A little girl who saw her dad getting beat up by a bunch of people, crying hysterically for help?..I think that’s going to stay in her mind for a while, perhaps not even grow out of it. Enjoy your new pair of pants, and hey if you need a stain remover for them, ask one of your friends that looted london drugs, maybe one of them snatched some Oxyclean on the way out, along with the pringles and wrigley’s spearmint.

    Take your apology and give it back to your parents that seem to think you did nothing wrong. Use it as a napkin if you wish, after all , that’s what you did to your dignity and your future. You have no respect for this city or your fellow citizens. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, you DON’T destroy stuff for fun and you DON’T steal. Period. God,and on top of everything, you make a list of things “you didn’t do” to make yourself feel better? how cheap.

    Here’s a very VERY good article about not buying your cheap apology or any fake apologies from any of the morons in downtown. You did it, now deal with the consequences – feels awful to be defenseless right? perhaps now you can understand the guy with the punctured lung that tried to save a business in dt. .

  76. I’ve been to Afghanistan, and seen folks on both sides, wearing smiles, do a lot worse than steal a few pairs of pants. You’ll find means for expiation in time. Don’t accept anyone else’s opinion of you. A piece of everyone goes to hell, and the rest makes it to the next place. We’ve all got plenty more good than bad, even those amongst us who are a lot worse than a rioter have way more good to give.

    Talk is cheap, and the mouths of fools have many words for people when they don’t know them.

    You’ve made your apology. Go and enjoy your life =)


  77. worldbeforewords permalink


    I congratulate you for taking responsibility for your actions… like some one say… its better late than ever… and ok, what you did was serious but what pisses me off is existing people just coming here to criticize and condemn… when there are a lot of more serious deals to be concerned of.

    well… i think you have learned your lesson and your need to writing it down just show that you felt a necessity of apologizing… and to those against… blogs are supposed to be a voice… our “voices”… this is their purpose… so just stop putting other people down… there are things more important to be done.

  78. myfairladyb permalink

    I cannot condone your actions. Blaming them on a mob mentality is exactly the same as a kid going on a shooting rampage and then saying its not his fault because his parents never paid attention to him. You are an adult, and as an adult, you are required to obey the laws of wherever you are at the time. If you do not, you deserve to be punished, simple as that.

    Instead of writing an incredibly long blog entry “explaining” your actions, a simple apology would have gone over much better. I think the reason you are getting as much “hate” as you say you are getting is because of this blog. People think you are making excuses for yourself to somehow justify your actions, and while yours may not be as bad as other people’s actions, the fact of the matter is, YOU broke the law. I’ve never heard of a parent not punishing their child because it wasn’t “as bad” as what their sibling did. Punishment is still meted out, and both children suffer the consequences of their actions, as should you.

    HOWEVER, to the people bashing this woman, do yourself a favor and get over yourself. You are NOT the law, as the blogger has stated on more than one occasion. Vilifying her for her actions is more punishment than she deserves, no matter how much she believes otherwise. Regardless of WHY she has turned herself in, she has finally done the right thing by admitting to the PROPER AUTHORITIES that she has committed a crime, and she has stated that she is MORE than willing to deal with the punishment the COURT decides to give her. If the court decides they want your opinion, I am sure they will ask. Until then, please step off your high horse and STFU.

  79. Previous posters are correct. We all do stupid things when we’re young. The real test is if we learn from it and become a better person, or we thumb our nose at the world and continue on. I never did understand why all the onlookers, but can understand how Camille would have been caught up with it all. It does, however, make a sad statement on youth today, when they can trash one of the most beautiful cities in the world and embarrass all who live here, and in the surrounding areas. We, too, support Vancouver, in the arts, culture, restaurants, sporting events, real estate and more. Even sadder on this day was the accusatory finger from overzealous tweeters such as @ScoutMagazine, who immediately blamed Surrey and Burquitlam. Ridiculous and misguided. Any season journalist knows a knee jerk response can very easily make you look…well, stupid. And that it did SM, that it did.
    For the record, Surrey streets and pubs were loaded with rambunctious people that night. After the loss, it was so quiet on the streets, you could hear a pin drop. I drove home from North Delta, to Cloverdale. Fans were well behaved, sullen almost, as was predicted. When I heard about the Vancouver riot, it was a surprise and I thought it was a joke. Sadly, it was not.
    Camille, you don’t deserve to be treated disrespectfully. You made a mistake, you have owned it, have paid dearly for it, as well as all who love you I’m sure, and I sincerely wish you the very best future. I forgive you.

  80. jaco permalink

    This letter is so bad.

    you should be ashamed and accept the responsiblity and not making up excuses for yourself

  81. You made a mistake. You admitted it publicly. You’ve said you’re sorry. And you’re in the process of making amends.

    Yes, the riots were shocking and horrible, no doubt. But let’s move forward from here. More people should follow your example. Thank you for taking responsibility – sounds like you’re really learned a huge and painful lesson.

  82. I can appreciate the contrition and won’t comment on the act in question (that certainly appears to be covered ad nauseum). My question is why did WordPress deem this worthy to be “Freshly Pressed?” I don’t think this person deserves any more attention than has already been given her.

    • Scarlett DuBois permalink

      You took the words right out of my mouth–er, brain.

  83. Cassie Jo permalink

    First, kudos to her for admitting her involvement and allowing comments on her post. That takes a lot of guts.

    Second, I kind of hate to say it, but she’s right. True, she stole. True, she was seen laughing on that (awful) video. True, I am just as angry about the riots as everyone else. However, the way people have turned and become revenge seekers is pretty disgusting. I mean, someone has to see the irony in this “witch hunt”, right??

    Third, I adore Vancouver from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I adore Canada just as much, and if it were easy to become a Canadian citizen, I would do it right this second. I hated knowing that people were rioting, and I hated knowing it was over a hockey game. The Stanley Cup Final, but a hockey game still, and a sport that I happen to love. It made me mad at Canucks fans, mad at Vancouver, and I still don’t think I have a desire to go back anytime soon. However, this girl stole some pants, pants she can’t even wear. She didn’t stab anyone, set fire to anything, or even break the glass door she ran out of. She stole some pants, and I’m sorry, but that doesn’t deserve a public hanging.

    Fourth, even though this point has been said over and over, I’ll say it again. We have a lot going on in the world right now, a lot of terrible and sad situations happening right this second, and we are concerning ourselves with this girl? Concerning ourselves with vigilante justice that we are not even remotely qualified to carry out?

    Allow the Vancouver PD to do their job, aid with photos and information when possible, but leave the hate for people who truly deserve it.

    “Let life happen to you. Believe me: life is in the right, always.”

  84. girlwithflowers permalink

    well- at least i’m glad you helped save some trees ;]

  85. Skipping and smiling as you ran out of the store. That’s going to be hard to explain.

    Oh well.

  86. Stop judging her. she apologized for it. Dont worry camille only God can judge you.

    • Stan permalink

      does “Thou Shalt not Steal” ring a bell?

      • Jac permalink

        Does you hypocrite first take the plank out of your own eye ring a bell?

    • Anon permalink

      She hasn’t apologized yet. She’s made excuses.

  87. She apologized. Please stop saying bad word to her.

  88. Please note that I am neither supporting or criticizing the blogger.
    I am however, objecting strongly to people who can’t make intelligent replies, and who think that swearing and vulgar insults are clever.
    Using bad language only proves that you are ignorant.

  89. Jim permalink

    All I’m wondering is who doctored the photos in Photoshop making it look as though you were the one looting?

  90. Elle permalink

    Whatever anger or frustration I have about the incident aside, it’s also hard to watch someone’s public reputation become tarnished because of a single folly in their youth.

    The problem is that the apology doesn’t sound sincere. Randy Pausch gave a great speech on apologies in his last lecture series. A bad apology is worse than no apology, and that seems to be the case here. A proper apology has three parts:

    1 ) What I did was wrong. 2 ) I’m sorry that I hurt you. 3 ) How do I make it better? It’s the third part that people tend to forget…. Apologize when you screw up and focus on other people, not on yourself.

  91. It sounds to me you’re only sorry you got caught. You makes excuses throughout your whole apology. You haven’t learned a thing. And your photo…you could at least have shown yourself looking serious. Instead, you show yourself with a big smile. Not much of an apology in my opinion. Good thing I don’t have to judge you in court.

  92. aldin permalink

    STFU you fat,flip cunt! They should send you and the whole flip clan back to where you came from.I wonder what kind of post-secondary education you would be getting there now?? You would be hanging out at the net cafe with all the other flips trying to hook a white man husband in Canada!

    • She is a Canadian. Unfortunately, you’re barely a human being.

    • It looks like you are one of those closeted racist that has taken advantage of this young woman’s grief to spout your hate and vitriol.

      You would hate her had she looted or not, you would hate her just for being in Canada. And from the tone of the statement you do sound a bit like a white female that has been scorned through interracial marriage.

      Other ethnic groups participated in the looting and rioting. It seems you focus on her because it makes you feel better about yourself, as long as you can heap ridicule on someone else, your life aint so bad eh?

      If you truly loved your nation you would condemn not only her but the “white man” husband’s that you seem to hold in such esteem.

      Its okay that you are racist, its your mind, however its best to not show it to bluntly.

      • Andy permalink

        How can you be taken seriously when you refer to “this young woman’s grief”? That’s a laugher.

    • Hey, Aldin! You’re an idiot. You have no place in my city, my country or, quite frankly, my universe. I don’t know Camille, and I don’t know you, but I’d way rather have someone like her who can write an intelligent essay about her sorry part in a sorry night than you and your racist, sexist, ignorant BS. Go read a book, or at least look up the word hypocrisy in the dictionary (which is a book, so it’s a good start for you)

  93. Stop. Please forget about what other people think.

    This weeks assignment-write in your own journal what you FEEL about this experience and PUT THIS STATEMENT INTO 2 BRIEF SENTENCES. Create a new healthy boundary by sharing this with no one. Why? Because you don’t have to. Read it for a couple of days. Then go out and buy yourself a cheeseburger, fries and drink at a local hangout and move on with your life.

  94. Everyone makes mistakes, and I think owning up to it and apologizing is more than most people would do, no matter the circumstances or the situation. I personally think it takes a lot of balls to admit to something and publicly say it was wrong and say sorry, so kudos to you for doing so.

    It;s very easy to get caught up in the moment, especially when things get out of hand and emotions are running high. It doesn’t make the actions right, but to be fair, you owned up to it, which has to be commended. Who of us is to judge if we wouldn’t do the same thing in the same situation.

    Let he who is without sin and all that.

    • Stan permalink

      A mistake locking your keys in your car.

      Stealing from a store is a criminal offense.

  95. I hope you would have turned your anger towards more important and pressing issues facing your generation, like the rising cost of living, the erosion of your health care system, social injustices, etc. I don’t believe we should be naming and shaming people like you, but in the future, turn your aggression towards something that would help the betterment of our species. A hockey game, doesn’t seem worth it, does it?

  96. Firstly, I’d like to forgive Camille for her actions. I know I’m only one Canadian, but nonetheless, I forgive you. I forgive you because we all make mistakes. We make them at age 10, we make them at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60. We ALL make mistakes.

    Secondly, I see a LOT of comments on here continually condemning her. What I don’t see is any of you publically sharing your own mistakes with the rest of the world. No, it’s easy to sit behind a computer screen and attack and berate others because they had bad, drunken judgment. How many of you have done the same thing? I have.

    Thirdly, I’d like that thank you Camille. Thank you for your honesty.

    Personally, I think this big black mark against her previously immaculate criminal, academic and social record is enough justice for a few pairs of pants that are being returned anyhow. The Internet is forever, and now her admission, embarassment and apology is forever.

    • Anon permalink

      An apology followed excuses is not a sincere apology.

  97. You should have stopped after “I’m Sorry”, everything else is just excuses.

  98. Anon permalink

    “Never ruin an apology with an excuse.” -Benjamin Franklin

  99. Sorry, I don’t think you are sincere. You are NOT a victim of anything.
    “Mob mentality” is a cheap excuse. I agree with others: sans evidence, this post would not exist.

    Shame on you.

  100. Mikestermike permalink

    At what point in life does committing an obvious crime go from “mistake” to “criminal”? Year 4? Year 8? 85th birthday?

    Your only mistake here was getting caught. Your crime has nothing to do with the people around you, the nation you live in, your ethnic origin or your state of mind at the time. It has everything to do with your true values, what counts as good or bad in an instant. Miss, you are a petty thief. How do we know that something like this hasn’t happened before?

    It is because, again, your mistake was getting caught. No film, no video, and you’re still living your life as it was.

    No matter what you write or say, you are a thief, having enjoyed the mayhem you and your friends and neighbors brought that day. Only by your actions can we judge, not by words. And your actions have been poor.

  101. Yay, a long-ass statement to explain why it wasn’t your fault and we should stop giving you shit! You’re so clever, you, UBC student.

  102. We’ll all been young, we have also, in all likelihood, done stupid, illegal things. I think you’ve shown courage in admitting your wrongs. In no way do you deserve the hateful, racist remarks being thrown at you. People suck (including me sometimes). Just because it’s the internet doesn’t give them the right to be assholes. Chin up, girlfriend. And probably don’t read anything on the internet for awhile.

  103. If there was no footage there would be no apology, as simple as that. Typical stuff from this generation, some damn conceited and arrogant. Get over yourself, your not that important.

  104. Mob mentality is a very real phenomenon with much research to back it up. AND, i don’t think anyone can dispute was was seen in this video was very much a mob. I don’t know this girl. I don’t know much about what happened. I’ve never been to vancouver. What i do know is that none of us is innocent of having made a mistake. I’m sorry for what the city has gone through, but burning this girl at the stake isn’t going to solve any problems.

    • Yaletowner1 permalink

      Mob mentality? Maybe when storming the Bastille or throwing tea into Boston Harbour, but this was a case where a bunch of millionaires lost a trophy. Personal accountability trumps mob mentality. You’re making excuses for the excuses. Yes, we all make mistakes, but we pay for them and we don’t try and pass the blame on to those around us who are also making mistakes. As educated, rational adults, we learn to recognize a bad situation for what it is. Accept the blame for your own actions, don’t pass it on. I was in Vancouver. I saw what happened. It was childish and moronic, fueled by alcohol and misguided anger and it was damned frightening…not fun times and enjoyment. This was a test for Camille. She could either contribute to the problem, try to negate the problem or escape the problem. She chose to contribute. Deal with the consequences of your own actions and don’t blame “the mob”, because you never lose your own individuality…you just lose your morality.

  105. Mike permalink

    Vigilante online mobs are becoming more threatening to personal safety than some of the rioters. Punishment should be administered by the judicial system and not angry citizens who utter threats of harm, violence and words of discrimination. Let the police do their thing angry online mob.

    Being angry due to concerns of justice is one thing but trying to carry out justice in your own hands is flawed.

    You don’t have to like her apology, you should like the fact that justice will be served and be satisfied. Further taunting and embarrassment will only constitute as harassment that serves no purpose legally against her, but can incriminate yourselves in crimes of hate. Which really only perpetuates how ugly we can be.

    I’m not trying to defend her action at all, criminal is criminal , but avoid become a criminal yourself in upholding the law.

    Peace out, try and help justice by catching others , there is no point in beating a dead horse.

  106. Another opinion permalink

    All this anamosity is an ugly look on everyone, regardless of however righteous one believes he/she is. She committed a crime and should be punished in a way fitted to the crime and according to the law. However it is not right to judge her or make comments based on her race and gender. And i dont think its very vancouverite/ canadian/ cilvilized of us to voice our opinions in a way that is malicious. Lets try not to blame the occurance of the whole riot on the few who got caught. Many individuals disappointed the city of vancouver. But these ppl are daughters/sons, friends, co workers, classmates or family of other vancouverites. They r ppl we potentially know! We could have influenced them positively if we took the time to correct them while we had the chance. I think this is a good time to reflect on the society’s attidude towards drinking, unruly behaviour, violence, discrimination and justice. Not only with regards to the riot, but on a day to day basis. Lets try to get something positive out of this.

  107. From Edmonton permalink


    Nathan’s apology was not a real apology; Nathan’s apology was written by a lawyer. Nathan never admitted to committing a crime; Nathan never admitted to anything else he did that night.

    Camille admitted being drunk and going into the store to steal things. Camille’s flawed apology was written from the heart. It explained exactly what her thought process was… Her explanation of her thought process gives us / society the opportunity to straighten her out; as many posters ahead of me have already done.

    Nathan’s weasel apology isn’t worth the paper it was written on; his taped apology shows he was only sorry about potentially losing his spot on the National polo team. Nathan deserves no credit whatsoever – he tried to burn down a police car.

    Camille admitted her exact crime; she admitted she was drunk; Nathan deserves jail time while Camille does not.

  108. All this anamosity is an ugly look on everyone, regardless of however righteous one believes he/she is. She commited a crime and should be punished in a way fitted to the crime and according to the law. However it is not right to judge her or make comments based on her race and gender. And i dont think its very vancouverite/ canadian/ cilvilized of us to voice our opinions in a way that is malicious. lets try not to blame the occurance of the whole riot on the few who got caught. Many individuals disappointed the city of vancouver. But these ppl are daughters/sons, friends, co workers, classmates or family of other vancouverites. They r ppl we potentially know! We could have influenced them positively if we took the time to correct them while we had the chance. I think this is a good time to reflect on the society’s attidude towards drinking, unruly behaviour, violence, discrimination and justice. Not only with regards to the riot, but on a day to day basis. How do we get something positive out of this?

  109. tool permalink

    OH NO,….. NOT THE TREES!!!

  110. David permalink



    Not the trees.

    • lochdaleweather permalink

      The trees never should have been destroyed in the riot. I also heard that a lot of the bus stop shelters were smashed because they were made of glass… 😦

  111. Mike permalink

    By the way, how did you get a copy of the unedited version? Are you actually Camille releasing her own unedited copy in an attempt to anonymously defend yourself while shielding yourself from the criticism that you must have KNOWN would come. Or are you a friend/advisor/family member/hacker maliciously exposing Camille to more negative PR? Food for thought.

    Either way it looks legitimate enough as I can’t think of a reason why a fake would spend that much time writing an “unedited version”.

    Just a thought I had after writing so much in my previous comment and wondering if Camille would ever even read it.

    • Anon permalink

      This was what she posted first, it was up for over an hour before she decided to edit it. I have a copy of the original as well because I got it from googles cache.

  112. Mike permalink

    I’m going to try to focus my comments on your apology itself.

    This IS pretty well written. I’m actually a bit that impressed that you managed to put this together considering the amount of pressure you must be under now. Unfortunately, while well written, the public is not your university professor. It is too early for this kind of defensive explanation. It may never be the right time to attempt to get people to sympathize to be honest. The event is still too vivid in everyone’s minds.

    Having a well written defensive apology actually works against you in this case, as you can probably see from some of the previous comments. It makes the apology seem less sincere and only emphasizes the fact that you ARE intelligent and should have known better. Yes, you may have fallen prey to mob mentality, but you don’t want to emphasize that as your excuse. For someone of your goood upbringing and education it is shameful to be that mentally weak. I’m sure that you are a strong person, but in this case your strength, which comes across in your apology, is improperly channeled and is working against you. It would have been better to just be sincere in your apology without the excuses or explanations. People tend to pick those apart, especially angry people.

    That said, I’m sure you’ve learned a valuable lesson from all of this. Good luck.

    • Fortheloveof.... permalink

      Agreed. This so called letter of apology just goes to show you are a bright young lady and are simply trying to manipulate the public with your words. I guarantee if this was to be read in the court of law (which perhaps someone should do on her day in court) the judge would tell you how you’re smart enough to know and do better.

  113. trololol permalink

    STFU you ugly ass cunt

    • Your language only makes you appear ignorant. Trashing someone else like that only proves that you are no better behaved than the people out on the street in Vancouver that night.
      At least Camille is willing to put a name to herself, while you are hiding your bad behaviour behind anonymity like most of the rioters.

  114. WeGonFindU permalink

    Serious question. Since it resembles an undergraduate paper, where is the Citations page? She also did not stick to a specific format or style.

  115. Apologize and stop justifying your actions. A crime is a crime. Stop blaming the mob for your actions. You have everything in your power to leave the place. Now, suffer the consequences. You might probably get a slap or light sentence but your online videos and posts will be forever floating around the net. This will serve a reminder for you. Maybe you kids will see it someday again.

  116. andy j permalink

    Wow, stop talking already Camille – you are actually making things worst.

    You are running out of supporters fast. I was actually pulling for you deep inside that you would get a break from your Vancouverites who would find the compassion in their hearts to forgive and forget but you just fanned their flames of condemnation that much more with this long excuse, banter, condemnation of your detractors by getting into a petty shouting match on the Internet (remember, once its on the net, you cant edit, delete or even attempt to take down – it’s there)!

    Be contrite, be sincere, be humble, ask for forgiveness, beg for passion and mercy. Ask the citizens of this wonderful city to be patient with you since you are just 20 and that you will continue in your path and be a better person from this horrible ordeal. And plea for one opportunity to make amends by volunteering to help the sick, the elderly, the unfortunate, the oppressed of this city. Swear that you will let your actions speak louder than your words or your past.

    You might never ever get a fair break in this city, you will be remembered, people will remember you walking out after you looted the store. Sadly, there is nothing you can say, remember the first part (please stop talking, don’t forget to first take your foot out of your mouth), or do in the next little while to wipe this mess from your stained name. People might forget in 20 years time, you might be married by then (or not – you might decided to change your name legally) and have another surname but this will stick to you like tar and feathers on a hot summers day.

    I’m sorry this has happened to you but you made a choice and that choice will haunt you for the rest of your life…..this isn’t taking a quarter from your mom’s wallet where your tears would wash away your crime….. you stole and were caught red handed on one of the Vancouver’s most distained event in recent memory and …. it was broadcasted on Youtube for the whole world to see.

  117. Jewels permalink

    Apparently the genocide in Rwanda was due to ‘mob mentality’. Many people who participated in the genocide said it felt right as well. Doesn’t mean it’s right.

    Even though stealing is not as great as a sin as murder or arson,

    The bible says:

    “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it. “-James 2:10

    Stealing is a sin. It may not be a big sin to you, but in God’s eyes, the person who steals is guilty, and deserves to be sent to hell, since it is equal to breaking all of God’s commandments. (there’s more than the 10 commandments).

    So according to God, you are not a good person, you are a sinner in the danger of going to hell.

    Bible says that “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23
    It also says, “For the wages of sin is death…” Romans 6:23

    Ask God to forgive you through Jesus. Only Jesus can save you from your sins.


    My concern is the attitude that you have that what you did is nothing compared to what others did. What you did is as equally as bad as the arsonists, and the rioters.

    Also, that you thought that by doing good works ,it would ‘cover up’ the sin of stealing the item.

    You also tried to justify that you were going to turn yourself into the police later on, so you were sort of belittling or excusing your actions.

    I think it’s the casual attitude you have regarding your actions that angers a lot of people.

    Also your actions also give a bad image to other countries. They think Canadians are not a peaceful bunch, but a bunch of savages who steal merchandise out of a looted store because it ‘felt right’ due to a lost hockey game; and that Canadians have a casual attitude to looting and rioting etc…

    It’s great that you do volunteer work, and you work to pay for your own education, but
    don’t think that your previous good deeds will make up for your current actions.

    • The Bible also says, “Judge not lest ye be judged” and “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

      • Yaletowner1 permalink

        The bible also says don’t steal and don’t eat shrimp and that a virgin can have a baby. So leave preachy chat to God and the Pope and deal with the issue at hand.

  118. Krystal permalink

    Let me save everyone who is just starting to read this some time. She apologizes greatly for her actions (which seems more and more insincere the further you read on) but she follows it up with a list of excuses as to why she isn’t a criminal for mob looting. Writing off the vandalism of looting with a riotous mob as “theft” like she was a curious kid shoplifted from a CVS instead of barging into a place of business that is under attack and aiding the attacker. Her self diagnosis reveals that as soon as she left the mob, all traces of alcohol and adrenaline vanish from her system as if she’d imbibed in an elixir of purity. She regains her reputation as a “good person” when she successfully defends a couple of trees from common thugs by proclaiming boldly “Pleeeeease!!! Not the treeeeeeees!” her plea successfully deterred the tree vandals, she was a hero on this day. A vigilante crime fighter and obviously a saint among sinners. She then closes with a tale of her struggles with a mistaken society, cruel and menacing, out for blood, fueled by hate for anyone… not Canadianish looking with the argument, “OMG UR SO RACIST AGAINST ME TOO 😥 AND UR BEING A RIOT MOB AT ME NOW” Saint Camille then requests that the people of Vancouver “Simmer down” because it was just a “Mistake” I mean who hasn’t accidentally partook in mass vandalism at least once or twice?

  119. Hear Me Riot permalink

    Lady Godiva rode naked through Coventry to protest oppressive taxes on the peasants. Joan of Arc led the French army to victories over the English in the Hundred Years War. Sacagawea guided Lewis and Clark on their exploration of the Pacific Northwest. Lucretia Mott battled against slavery. Susan B. Anthony fought for women to gain the right to vote. Nellie McClung pressed Parliament to recognize women as persons and allow women to sit in the Senate. Rosa Parks refused to sit at the back of the bus. And Camille Cacnio stole a pair of mens sized 42 trousers to prove that women can be riot loving assholes too. Well done!

    • Anon permalink

      She’s gonna wear the man pants now!

      • Derp Derp permalink

        she’ll have to load up @ the timmyho’s donut riot!

        but gaiiiiss, SRSLY

        the TREES.

  120. Lesley Court permalink


    Perhaps you need to further your education. Further it to the point where you comprehend the meaning of the word “apology”. An apology is meant to be a sincere confession and acceptance of your wrong doings. In order for it to be taken seriously, it needs to be followed up with the appropriate actions that demonstrate you have learned from your wrong doings.

    Young lady, you receive a failing grade on all points.

    You can quote all the statistics, professors and studies you want. It boils down to this …. justification does NOT an apology make.

    I will agree with you that racist slurs are unacceptable and unwarranted. Race does not, and should not come into it. Jackasses, idiots and evil-doers can be found all over the world. The good Lord in his wisdom has distributed them very equally amongst the sexes, creeds and religions. This is a point that you have demonstrated quite admirably, both the night of the rioting, and again in your “apology”.

    I saddens me that you appear to have learned nothing from this experience. Where were you the next morning, when I was trying to put my store back together? Where were you when countless people turned out to clean up that adrenaline and alcohol fueled mess?

    There were many heroes on those streets that evening. Heroes that put themselves in harms way standing up for what was right. They paid a very dear price for their actions. They include brave civilians, police, fire fighters and ER workers. Do you honestly not understand that in your attempt to play down the impact of your actions (by referring to yourself as a hero) you are delivering a virtual slap in the face to those you hope to take shelter amongst?

    You poor, delusional young thing. Please stop “apologizing”.

    Stop apologizing until you have really considered the gravity of your actions that evening. You are taking the next steps forward in your life, take a good look at where you need to go. Clean up your attitude and mind your own spelling. You do yourself no favor by pointing out the spelling or grammatical errors of others. You do not own the high ground here my dear. Learn your lessons and conduct yourself with respect, for yourself, but more importantly, for others. Respect for their homes and property, whether that property be a pair of size 42 pants or a Coach purse.
    You could try thinking of the property of others as trees, that might help.

    I will close with one final point. A proffered apology does NOT obligate the recipient to accept it.
    That is something that you are just going to have to learn to live with.

    I wish you luck with that.

    • Scarlett DuBois permalink

      I wish there was a “like” button for comments.

  121. miller permalink

    Get one thing straight: no one is saying they want you to “go back to where you came from” because your are an immigrant: NOT SO! They’re saying they want you to go back to where you came from because YOU are a looter and a criminal, and because YOU were a part of something that embarassed Canada in front of the entire world.

    That has nothing to do with racism: if a criminal who immigrated here from the EXACT SAME country in Europe that my ancesters came from did what you did I’d say the same thing: “go live somewhere else; go back where you came from!”

    I don’t want you here, but not because you’re a different race than me; it’s because YOU are a criminal, and criminals like YOU are fucking up my city!!

    However, thanks for the edited version of the “apology”; at least it’s a step in the right direction. If only to show that you understand that the people of Vancouver have ZERO sympathy for people like YOU (look at the stats from today’s Angus Reid poll…)

    You can write until hell freezes over and NO ONE is going to see you as a victim, (even if you pretend to see yourself as one) …Who were you trying to fool with this fisrt rant? Yourself I bet…

  122. Pam permalink

    Ok Camille…You are obviously very accustomed to writing essays because your “apology” sounds like a well written 1st year university student’s essay. Or maybe an attempt at justifying looting on a debate team. Also, you forgot to mention in your essay that when it comes to the “mob mentality”…only 2% of the population participates by vandalizing, looting, etc. Th rest get out or try to help and a few also stand by and watch. But only 2% participate…the followers with a lack of impulse control. Is that you?

    I have a small amount of sympthy for you but I would have a lot more if:
    1. you had returned the pants as soon as you realized what you had done was wrong (which you say was as soon as you left the area) Why did you keep them and take them home??
    2. Having realized what you had done was so wrong, why did you not go downtown the next morning and help clean up? Help do something good to make up for the wrong? (and you could have returned the pants then, too).
    3. I do not believe you would have gone to the poilce if you had been identified…or you would have done it immediatley. You could have told your sister and parents after you turned yourself in, they didn’t have to be told before).
    4. If you are so remorseful…start doing something positive for the real victims of the riot NOW…organize a group, with other rioters (Nathan, Jason,etc) to start collecting donations from the rioters to buy the girl whose car was destroyed a new car and help people /businesses pay their insurance deductibles. In other words, put your money where your mouth is and do something really constructive to right the wrongs that were done.

    I will be watching for your reply.

  123. LSE permalink

    Always appreciate when people own up to their mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, no question about that.

    However, the fact that you go on a ranting defence of your actions seems to prove that you don’t actually take the mistake you made seriously. Taking turns blaming your actions on alcohol, adrenaline, mob mentality theory, etc, etc just reeks of self-righteousness and hypocrisy.

    For example, quoting some professor and his theory on how people act in mobs is a completely ignorant and convenient scapegoat to excuse your actions. Well, there were a handful of people that night who had the integrity and bravery to stand up to the rioters, so just as easily as you blame your actions on this mob mentality theory, why couldn’t you have told the people looting the store to stop, just like you told the person tearing down the tree? Is it because the store was already looted and robbed that you felt it was ok to go steal a couple things? I hope you know that is a very dangerous mindset to own and I hope you are intelligent enough to understand the severity of possessing such a mindset.

    All in all, your apology would have been great if it began with the first 2 sections, then immediately cut to the last couple of paragraphs, leaving out all the scapegoating and defence of your mistake, which just makes it seem like you are completely insincere about your actions since so many different factors are to blame, rather than the true culprit, yourself.

  124. Nathan K permalink

    when u quote psychologists in ur apology, ur doing something wrong

    • Derp Derp permalink

      but that’s the part of the argument where she rationalizes what she’s done with expert opinions and quotations!!

      you guys are ignorant racists, WHY WON’T YOU THINK OF THE TREES??

    • Stan permalink

      She probably doesn’t want to read this then:

      “Those ideas about the crowd have been around for hundreds of years,” Stott said via Skype. “But the most important thing to recognize about them is that they’ve been wholly rejected from science because they lack the capability to explain the events that we’re trying to understand.”


  125. Bianca permalink

    • andy j permalink

      Wow! Wow! Wow!

      Your apology has made it to the bigs Camille.

  126. John l permalink

    I hope ubc catches wind of this so she is expelled. This kind of self-righteous, self-entitled attitude is something we dont need any more of in this world. I find it hard to take that she still calls herself a Canadian. This dumb bith doesnt even realize that its not even about the theft of two pairs of pants anymore. Its the fact that police dictated the riot act and she chose to go against Canadian law and perpetuate the ongoing riot. She has the mental capacity of a 5 year old and cant even think critically about what has actually transpired. Everything you have done since the riot has been unCanadian. Bitch, you cant even write an apology without people hating you and your attitude. Pretty cowardly to think you can just edit out what people are calling you out for on the INTERNET. I find it supremely stupid that you think you can take back what you say on the internet thats been there for more than 2 hours. You have been immortalized on google and even the Vancouver sun has posted this. congrats on ruining your own life with your stupid blog and opinion. Good luck finding any decent job here in Canada.

  127. askjdfhlkajsdhfjkaslhdfjklashdf permalink

    fuck you bitch

  128. RationallyMad permalink

    First part of the apology was accepted until the overly defensive mess of excuses negated it.

    Here’s a question though Camille: when you saw things were going sour, why didn’t you just go home? The person you described to us, the person who is well intentioned, hard working, and working to make the world a better place – that person would have left immediately. Never mind the riot act; by staying you helped make the riot what it was. We only saw you steal pants, but the fact you stayed, and were willing to participate like that, made you a part of the riot. What didn’t we see? Did you cheer for cars being overturned? Did you smile for windows being broken?

    Make no mistake, you were a part of this, and you deserve all the shame you feel and more.

  129. Good try. Responsible up until “My Story” then after that it was an spoiled, entitled list of excuses and blame that totally negates the apology. Passive agressive too. Clearly you haven’t really learned from this experience.

  130. Reality Check permalink

    Camille wrote: “In fact, many of you should even be careful of what you say online, because everything that you say online is basically written in stone.” Yep, and here’s the proof, my dear.

    This original apology is a pack of weak excuses trying to justify poor judgement and disgraceful behaviour. The second apology is an attempt to back track. If not for the first apology going up yesterday, the second apology would be easier for us all to swallow because it shows some regret and remorse. But the reality check is this…she is only sorry she got caught and only sorry she was called out for it.

    • Anon permalink

      Honestly I would probably be okay if she hadn’t posted the first horrible pseudo-apology.
      If the one she has up now was the only one she had posted, I imagine a lot of people would have backed off.

      Instead we get the sad attempt of a criminal to try and justify their actions.

      “My train of thought at this point was that “the place is already broken into, most of the contents of the store have already been stolen, so what difference does it make if I take a couple things?””

      Oh good, if I see your house being burglarized I will know that you have given your full permission for me to take whatever I want.

    • Fortheloveof.... permalink


  131. Sam permalink

    The Real Camille: aka – the Real Bitch.

    …and you still have the pants that you stole? funny, I didn’t see you help cleanup the next day. Too busy with the hangover?
    How do you not realize how you sound (and likely are) from this letter? You have no sense at all, nor judgement. That’s plainly evident on how you try to make youself out as innocent.

  132. Tristan permalink

    I don’t think that anyone that read your ‘apology’ accepts your apology. You say that the looter is not the real you, but you write this like a real bitch. You are basically saying that everyone else is to blame. That you did NOT this and NOT that. I mean how stupid do you think people are? This whole site makes you way worse than what people already thought of you. You aren’t sorry at all in the least bit. You deserve everything that has happened to you. I believe Nathan is apologetic (though I think he deserves what he is getting to), but you definately aren’t.
    Give YOU a break? Why don’t you give us a break away from your obnoxious little bitch self.

  133. Yeah, jobs are hard to find in this economy. Too bad you lost one. But hurray for those who need a job, there’s an opening for a criminal free record person for the taking.

    • miller permalink

      I agree, even better: they should give Camille’s job to the unemployed lady from Abbotsford who had her car destroyed by the rioters, or to one of the heros who tried to stop criminals like Camille from looting the merchandise of businesses in our city.

      • Derp Derp permalink

        awesome incentives in full view for awesome people

        shame! rabble rabble rabble!

  134. One opinion permalink

    Hi. This has all been insane. In no way do you deserve the treatment you’ve been getting. I feel so badly for you. Please just get through this bad time and continue to be the person you are. One mistake–and let’s be clear, it’s one freaking relatively small lapse in judgement–should not ruin your life. You should not be held hostage to this new mob after you. Not everyone wants to ruin you. Take care.

    • ^ this person was in the riot too. lol.

    • Anon permalink

      “continue to be the person you are”

      Yes, we can always use more criminals.

      • Derp Derp permalink

        and we can always use more 42″ mens’ slacks

  135. johnson permalink

    And let’s not forget, she was standing up for women everywhere by stealing those two tuxedo pants. Honestly, who would have thought that women were capable of such a thing?!? What’s next, giving women the vote?

    • Ha Johnson, i totally agree with you these stores are everywhere and relocating sounds like the best option.
      And Thank you Camille for standing up for me and for all the women out there now we can freely wear tuxedos………..but on a much serious note, the pants you stole, are they your size? or you were thinking of re-gifting them?
      SMH you cant argue with stupid and that was one of the dumbest smile i have seen in a long time……..only one thing was missing, a shout out to your friends and family to the camera.
      in hope to never see you in a reality tv


  136. Megan permalink

    Hi Camille,

    I won’t give you a break because you are an incredibly privileged young woman, lucky enough to go to a school like UBC, and you are so incredibly arrogant and lacking in common sense that you actually thought you could get away with doing something illegal like theft, and then had the NERVE to paint yourself as a victim when called out on it.

    You are not a victim. You are a silly little girl whose parents neglected to teach her that there are consequences for your actions, and neglected to beat some sense into you. Hopefully this is wake-up call.

  137. johnson permalink

    Truly she is the victim in all this. If that store wasn’t located in the middle of a riot, would she have looted? Probably not. Store owners, please locate your stores outside of riots so that innocents like Camille are not preyed upon.

    • Derp Derp permalink

      you know what the real problem was? us. that’s right. it’s us. just admit it, it’s us.


  138. She doesn’t enable comments on her’s but this one does

  139. Camille permalink

    Guys, this is the unedited version. Her edited version can be found here:

  140. Amanda permalink

    I’m sorry, but you seem way too immature. First off, who actually goes on Wikipedia for any source of reference? And why can’t you just take responsibility? I mean, seriously, it’s quite ironic how you apologize in the beginning of the letter and then go on to explain how you’re a “victim” in this situation. Plus, since when is stealing not so bad? It’s a criminal offence. I’d like to see you open up a store and have people loot it. After all, it is a “fairly minor” offence, right?

  141. Are you kidding me?

    Go look in the mirror, you will see the only person responsible for screwing up your life.

    You look like a bright beautiful young girl, BUT, you and only YOU have thrown it all away by deciding to become a criminal..

    As for your family, again it is you who have humiliated them you should have thought baout them before yoy committed a stupid criminal act.


  142. Amanda permalink

    “It’s quite hilarious how you asked people not to hurt the trees, but didn’t speak up when people were stealing, fighting and setting up fires. Oh, yes; you are quite the ‘hero.’ Honestly, are you really that stupid?”


  143. Durrrrrr permalink

    Way too long. Seriously.

  144. For a real apology, go here:

    Now read yours again. Yes, you sound like a bitch.

    • Stan permalink

      Nathan Kotylak, for all his stupidity, is 17 years old.

      Camille is, in her own words, an adult. And somehow, a “victim”

  145. In case you haven’t figured it out, you don’t sound sorry at all.

    You deserve all the hate you’re getting. No one is successfully ruining your life. You got yourself to thank for that.

    • Derp Derp permalink

      it’s funny, she thought she’d squeak this 5000 word turd-tome past us and it’s sheer bulk of words would intimidate us lesser, feeble minds.

      so arrogant.

  146. Stan permalink

    You’re great, by the way. Why am I not surprised that our current crop of “academics” uses wikipedia as a reference

    “In Canada we spell colour with a ‘u‘. It’s because we are part of the British Commonwealth. Were you aware of that? If not, try reading up on it on Wikipedia.”

    This coming from the same person, who, in the original version of this “Feel sorry for me” fairy tale, spelled MANNER incorrectly:

    In the same way that everybody enjoyed collectively showing pride in our team, it was enjoyable to express my disappointment in a collective manor.

    Mrs. Kettle, have you met my friend, the Pot?

    You’re not sorry. You want off the hook. Perhaps you shouldn’t have engaged in criminal activity?

    • Anon permalink

      “In Canada we spell colour with a ‘u‘. It’s because we are part of the British Commonwealth. Were you aware of that? If not, try reading up on it on Wikipedia.”

      In Canada we don’t steal, it’s because we’re part of a civilized society. Were you aware of that? If not, try growing the fuck up.

      • Derp Derp permalink

        no, because canadians are stupid with no traditions or culture at all, and the government will give you money for nothing and you can bring grandma over for dialysis and not pay and of course, you can loot whatever the fuck you want. haven’t you heard??? lol 😉

  147. Stan permalink

    “Sorry I got caught” you mean.

    “Admitting my mistakes”

    Backing over the curb is a mistake. Forgetting to set your alarm is a mistake.

    “Remember, the only thing that I did was take a couple things from a store. It’s fairly minor compared to the rest of the acts that were done.”

    Shoplifting is criminal. Surprised your self-funded education didn’t teach you that.

  148. TheKing permalink

    you’re a dumb cunt.

  149. phuggerson permalink

    Too long; didn’t read.

  150. Jenny permalink

    What kind of an apology letter is this? I love how you express a few words of apology and jump into this whole essay about how you aren’t at fault. I refuse to buy that “mob mentality” crap. I know so many people there that left as soon as the riots began. Frankly, I think you should understand that you’re at fault, instead of searching for a scapegoat to justify your actions.

    From my side, you’re not at all sorry. You think that you’re an innocent person who’s getting victimized by the media for no reason (which, by the way, is so not true). YOU, among others, contributed to all the mess and chaos caused in Vancouver. It doesn’t matter if what you did was “minor;” you were still a part of it all. It’s quite hilarious how you asked people not to hurt the trees, but didn’t speak up when people were stealing, fighting and setting up fires. Oh, yes; you are quite the “hero.” Honestly, are you really that stupid?

    Thanks for composing this letter, though. It truly shed light on your stupidity, immatureness and idiocy.

  151. Blunted permalink

    I do not condone the racist comments, but if you feel like you should somehow be let off the hook, you are sadly mistaken. You made your bed, now lie in it.

  152. Vancouver permalink

    I was in the riot too after the game but guess what.

    I wasn’t influenced by them. I tried to get out as soon as I can.

    Why? Because I”m a University student and I have good judgement.

    You dont simply get into the moment to steal. The fact that you didnt burn anything or break windows doesnt make the situation any better.

    Calling theft a MINOR offense? Theft is a criminal offense thats all.

  153. Jason permalink

    “It seemed so right?”. You can hide behind the academic excuses of mob mentality all you want, but how on earth can rioting, breaking and entering (yes you did, even if you didn’t do the initial “breaking”), and then stealing something ever seem right? The only “right” things to do in such a situation are:

    – Leaving the area as soon as possible
    – If you are brave and have the resources, try to stop people from rioting, though this likely is impracticable.

    Racist comments though are wrong and I am by your side 100% in defending yourself against them, but I will say that the word that best describes you is: Idiot.

    Not in a million years would I do what you did. Never.


  154. Tommy permalink

    Your arrogance proves you haven’t learned anything. To go and say you saved a tree after stealing someone’s else’s property proves you have no comprehension of right or wrong. Your morals are flawed. To then say your a victim of a witchhunt proves your lack of remorse. I hope you get all the consequences and am happy you were outed as a rioter. Regardless of whether or not you smashed a window or broke something you were there after the order to disperse was given. You then stole something that wasn’t yours. Caught up in the moment is what excuse someone with no control says. Not an adult. Sad to say with the angry response you’ve given its going to take alot more than this incident for you to really become aware of what compassion and humanity means. And I’m Asian and insulted you think your a victim of racism. Your a rioter and thief!

    • People have been using racial slurs against her. That’s racism, regardless of what she did wrong.

      She’s a rioter, and a thief. She should be called such. As an asian, how can you condone anyone using the phrase “fat,flip cunt”? It’s right there in the comment thread, look for yourself. That kind of language is unacceptable regardless of her actions. It’s her crime that should be focussed on, not her ethnicity.

      (Is it sad that as a 23 year old white male, I’m more offended by this language than you apparently are?)

  155. justin permalink


    I didn’t read the entire post but commend you on your efforts.

    I am not a bible thumper but let us all just take a moment and reflect on Jesus’ teaching in the story of the woman who was about to be stoned due to her promiscuous behaviour.

    “Let he who has no sin, cast the first stone”

    Is anyone without sin? No. Shall we continue to condemn people even after they’ve realized their wrong-doing? If we want to remain ignorant, yes we can.

    Your own sin will punish yourself enough and everyone else stop acting all self-righteous and thinking that you are better than others because no one has superiority over anyone else.

    I hope this situation resolves itself peacefully unto you.



  156. jackmeoff permalink

    Suffer the cosequences! Hope you get a permanent record and obtaining employment and everything else in your life becomes a major obstacle! The trip to the US now once you hit the border the border guard will kindly smile and say “sorry,no entry,you are classified as a undesireable” so forget about that trip to Hawaii. I really hope Christy Clark backs up her tough words for all you pieces of trash who chose to particpate in the events! Oh the mob mentality got to me! Oh please! I wouldn’t go steal a ACURA where you were previously employed loser and take it and run down some people and smash it up! PISS ON ALL YOU LOSERS!

  157. John Dolan permalink

    Very well written, which only goes to prove that you are well educated thief. How dare you pompously lecture your fellow citizens, for pointing out that you are a criminal (now a self confessed criminal). When you decided to loot and steal, you lost any right to criticize anyone who condemns your criminal behaviour. Your “apology” shows a distinct lack of humility and remorse.

    • Derp Derp permalink

      i have a heard time believing you’re the real john dolan, because if you were, you’d know this apology is a steaming piece of shit. james frey writes better than this, and he’s a huge fuck.

      • Hello! John Dolan criticized Camille — he did not support her.
        He even managed to do it in civilized language. Try it some time!

      • Derp Derp permalink

        lol you’re right, i missed that word ‘thief’ at the end of ‘well educated’

        re: civilized language, i’m just swept up with the mob! i can’t control myself.. go.. go.. go fuck yourself!

    • It’s hard to find time to be truly remorseful for one’s actions when being barraged by the type of hate I see in this comment thread. Scroll up, look right near the top of the page for “aldin”. If that’s the type of hate and vitriol being spewed not only at her, but at her past and present employers, her friends, and her family, does she not have the right to be hurt? Does her crime negate her right to have feelings?

      I agree, she can not criticize her critics, as long as her critics do so in a socially correct way. She can, I think, criticize those who are so hateful that they go out of their way to attack her and attempt to ruin her life. I agree with her in that the right thing, here, is for the Police to do their thing, and for her to pay her debt to society as it is measured according to people educated in such matters. That’s the correct course of action, regardless of her level of remorse, though they may take that into account if they so wish.

      Meanwhile, I believe those participating in this “social riot”, like aldin, who seem intent on handing out their own punishment are just as guilty as Camille. There are laws against harassment, and some of the things she described happening to her do qualify as harassment. While most of these vigilantes will never see justice, it should at least be acknowledged that their actions are wrong, regardless of how much you like or dislike Camille or how much you believe her apology.

      • Derp Derp permalink

        vigilantism is when you KILL the criminals

        they lost their job? lost their sponsor? lost their education? and what is supposed to happen when you commit anti-social crimes that embarrass the entire country? a medal from the governor-general??

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